Ghost Hunters Season Finale

Oops! Apparently there was a season and it's ending. I must have slept. Can't recall it...

DO NOT FORGET: Friday is Zombie Walk. Click on the zombie walk symbol on the right and check it out. It's going to be a wicked crazy day for zombie lovers in the blog world!


  1. Looking forward to the zombie walk on Friday with all the other bloggers. Oh yeah, I will probably catch the finale of GH too.

  2. That's what they make DVR's and Tivo for, sweetie! I'll be looking forward to this Friday's post. ;-D

  3. I actually will watch this one just because the commercial had Jason saying "Mary, Mother of God," so I figured they're bringing in the big guns for this one!

  4. LW;
    Yeah, your canine nose has that right.

  5. Wow, they see the Blessed Virgin!?

    That will be something.

  6. Today is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. That is probably the tie-in SyFy is aiming for.

    I'll watch simply because it's the season finale, not because I expect anything spectacular.


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