Drunk History

I'm just warped enough that I believe the guys who invented Drunk History are about the most brilliant people of their generation. We take things way too seriously and there is nothing like taking an intelligent person who loves history and getting him drunk and having him tell about an important historical event. With famous comedians playing the parts, this becomes the best stress reliever in the world. Now, if they would only do a drunk ghost hunters episode!

This video tells how they came up with the idea for this series. The story about Otis Redding had me laughing so hard, I had to pause it a moment or I'd miss the whole story.

Here's one of the episodes about Benjamin Franklin:


  1. And I am just warped enough to find that freaking HILARIOUS!! Clearly; no alcohol was involved in the making of the first video.

    I think my breakfast shall consist of Bloody Mary's!

  2. I'm telling you, I want to film a drunk ghost hunting--Julie (hint hint). We have to find the right location and get me nice and drunk and have me explain how we ghost hunt with the tools.

  3. Brenda;
    Glad you enjoyed it too. Jeez, these guys have exactly my sense of humor about the serious stuff.


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