The Answer To the Clues!

The past several days I've put up pics and vids to make you wonder what's up. Just got back from my vacation as a single person. Had to go to San Diego during the entire huge storm that hit there. Howling winds, flooding rains, icy cold and generally the opposite of the desert. Except for harrowing driving conditions, it was wicked awesome and I'm compiling a video of the drive so you can see the drive from Phoenix to San Diego in one of the biggest storms in ages.


  1. well, at least you got away for a little time... you will always remember it... good or bad!

  2. Wish I had known you were near by! (You did pick an oogy time to come, though. We haven't had weather like this in ages!)

  3. Oh my God! You had to drive in the rain?!? How horrible. C'mon, girl. Too much time in the desert is making you weather soft.

  4. Jeremy;
    It was a wonderful time because it was my vacation, my way and I could relax without a taskmaster running the show. The rain made it rather romantic and cozy, but of course miserable to enjoy the beach, but that didn't stop me.

    Symamore moon;
    Yes, it was the perfect timing. The storm lasted exactly that may days we were there and then we dragged it back here and it's raining tonight.

    Rain is no issue except in places that don't normally get rain. In your mildewy part of the world, you're prepared for rain, but not so in the SW. Things flood rapidly and the winds off the ocean--disastrous.

  5. Major.Mack;
    It was just what I needed. I came back feeling renewed. I hadn't been on a vacation in over 2 years and the last one was miserable (with the ex) and so having my own vacation was a dream come true.


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