Whazzup with Autumnforest???

Okay, so Halloween is over. It's update time again. Seems so much happens in my life in any given week(s) that I realize I don't know what ya'all know and don't know.

First, thanks for the congrat's on me making the finals of the Kreepy Krawlys contest. It was an essay contest for a haunted attraction being built in Ohio and we had certain guidelines of what must be included in the essay. The attraction is built based on the sort of writeup that was put in the essay and the prizes are sweet including getting a special effects person to make a form of the winner's face and a life-sized model put into the haunted attraction as one of the murder victims. I have on my bucket list to have my hand in the designing of a haunted attraction, so if I win this contest, I freaking have another check mark on my life-time to-do list!

Next, I heard back from the editor where Julie and I submitted our book proposal "Abandoned Places: Abandoned Memories (Desert Edition)" and she wants to pitch it to the publisher. Fingers crossed. We filled out the necessary paperwork and are completing the last of the abandoned sites for the book to have it all nicely done and edited probably before Xmas. It is a proposed 5-book series including city, farmland, seaside and mountains.

As well, I have a few chapters done in my book "Was That a Ghost?" that helps people figure out if something that happened to them was paranormal or not. Some day, when I get free time, I will be finishing up a SyFy screenplay and rewriting a western horror novella. Did I mention that I'm determined to be a writer full-time?

My son's fiancee is applying to Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon so it's possible that next summer I might be moving there! Ya'all know how much I want out of the desert. Wahoo! You can expect that if this happens, I will transition GHT to a more autumn-themed blog with a professional new makeover to its look. So far as content, expect a helluva lot of haunted lighthouses, creepy-ass cemeteries, and backroad trips to quaint little towns and abandoned sites--more than usual since the weather there permits it year-round and here the sun and rattlers drive you indoors. And, ya'all know me well enough to know I need to tag along with some Bigfoot hunters, as well (also on my bucket list!) Can you imagine the goofy-ass videos I'd do in the woods in the middle of the night looking for BF while trying to take a leak and scared out of my wits?

I would also like to do a series of videos hanging out and filming fringe nerds like LARPers and Vampires, Mufon meetings and Furries. Whatever is weird. I will film meetings and then hopefully insert some of my own commentary to the camera about these groups and the meeting experiences. I have always been fascinated with alternative lifestyle folks and those into role playing and such and they beg the standup comedian in me and the open-minded fun gal who thinks everyone should just do what pleases them.

So far as this blog goes, I am planning a series of interviews with intriguing people in the world of talking-to-the-dead and communication with ghosts. I also hope to be doing some unusual things such as doing a psychic reading on video so you can see how the process goes for me. I want to take you more in to the world of fledgling psychic skills so you can work your own and demystify the process. I also want to do more into the gains we've made in ghost hunting and the gains still necessary in the field. I will always have plenty of giggles and goofiness and more than enough new episodes of LAUGH (next episode this Thursday) and my ridiculous quizzes.

This weekend Julie and I and another buddy we met through the blog world are hitting the roads for more abandoned sites for the book and tons of interesting, creepy and probably silly videos on the road trek that will be shared here on the blog next week. You can count on me to show you the weird world I travel in, whether it's the ghost hunting one or the abandoned sites and cemeteries ones or freaky festivals.

You can count on me to balance intellect, curiosity, bawdiness and hilarity with my usual ham-fisted clumsiness that both makes you smile and cringe.

My personal life? It holds promise (smile). I don't doubt I will have a love life and I will be contented. I am so very long overdue for it. Right now, I'm just writing and having new and fun experiences, getting into some mischief and making great memories for old age (a loooong time from now).

*Tomorrow there will be a post about the case for and against ghosts being souls of the deceased. Just another in my series of mind-opening explorations in the theory world.*


  1. good luck with the books! sounds like you are having a wonderful time with everything!

  2. Quite an ambitious update. Hope to see you in P-town.

  3. Jaz
    I'm making up for lost life.

    I am so totally looking you up buddy when I get there. Maybe we can hit my favorite cemetery Autumnforest-style (in other words, lingering after dark and creeping around).

  4. Glad you are doing good! Don't let me forget to send you that Halloween email. If you might be going to Oregon, you'll need it! As Jaz said, good luck with your writing! :D

  5. Thanks HN! You are an extraordinary Halloween gentleman!

  6. I love that you got your bucket list and your pen ready to start checking things off. Very cool.
    With your drive and talent, I'm sure you will achieve it all!
    Good Luck!
    XOXO - Cindi
    (I gotta get back to my list now! LOL!)

  7. Cindi-Honey;
    You're back online again? I know you were having some computer issues. Soooo glad to hear from you, sweetie! Now get to making that list!

  8. LARPing seems interesting. My one friend seems to be trying to get me into all the weird stuff. Con's, LARPing. Lol
    Burning Man would be a fascinating video as well.
    I'm so happy that you're doing so great :) Very ambitious and you're doing well for yourself. ^.^ Good Luck with it all! Can't wait to read more :)

  9. Soraya;
    I was one of those weirdos in school who had no real group, I just hung with all of them on the fringes. I refused to be defined, but I always took in an appreciation for every type, even the cheerleaders and jocks had their quirks and the stoners and the artists and geeks and the kickers. I still have a fascination with social groupings because I'm a natural born leader and I don't follow like a sheep so I am intrigued by religions and fetish groups and political affiliations and what happens when likes come together for a cause and get out of hand. :-)

  10. I hear ya. I never fell into a group... I think it's because I'm a bit too unique to fully fall into one. But they'd definitely be fun to go to. Especially Cons. :-p

  11. I hear that Portland is a pretty haunted city... You also wouldn't be too far from Victoria, BC, which I'm also told is VERY haunted...

    And then there's always the obligatory trip to Forks, where Robert Pattinson will be sparkling in the sun, waiting for your arrival...

  12. Doc;
    I am not thrilled at the prospect of pale-face Robbie awaiting me. I wouldn't mind a real vampire, but he needs to be dark and sinister, not effiminate and mentally deficient. I am excited. I know that region is very richly haunted and I am a gal who needs lots of green and rain to be happy. Hate heat. Hate sunshine. Want to breathe fresh air. Want to eat fresh berries (the ones in AZ suck after being shipped underripe). I think OR is nirvana and I've earned it.

  13. If you move to Portland next summer, you better get a place with an extra bedroom for guests. I will be visiting you lots of times until I move there. This desert dweller is ready for a change of scenery. My blog will have to be changed to "Above the Norm, Bizarre Oregon". Sounds good to me, lol.

  14. Julie, you think we should warn Oregon about our impending arrival? Seems wrong to keep them in the dark. Aw, hell, I say we just show up one day and cause lots of trouble.


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