What Haunts Me From Ghost Hunting Shows

I am constantly inspired by readers who leave comments. Just the other day, Israel Carrasco (has a fantastically funny one-liner comedy blog) asked me what examples on ghost hunting shows rang true for me. It made me have to stop and think about those moments when watching the tons of ghost hunting shows, I felt a chill of familiarity run up my spine. So, here goes:

“Ghost Adventures” (that was not a mistype—I meant “Ghost Adventures”) Virginia City, NV

The 2-hour documentary that kicked off the show shocked me. Not because of anything particularly exciting they were doing. The guys didn’t even know shit about haunted places at the time, but something they caught on film bothered me greatly. I walked away with a Patterson-Gimlin feeling in my belly. I saw something too extraordinary to be real and yet something about it rang true. Near the end of the documentary they captured on film a poltergeist activity. Whether this was genuine or not (many still debate it), it was so very close to poltergeist activity where I grew up that, I actually had to walk away, take a moment to calm down my initial reaction and come back and see it again. A brick flew and a board fell down. It was the way in which it all went down that brought me a flashbacks of poltergeist activity and the random burst of energy that is necessary. For me, it felt like a fine example of a poltergeist outburst.

“Ghost Hunters” Cashtown Inn, Gettysburg, PA

On this episode, Jason and Grant heard the distinct sound of booted footsteps. It gave me shivers all over. I hadn’t heard that sound since I was a teen! As well, someone seemed to sit down on the sofa beside Jason and he felt the weight of it. I too had a similar thing happen a few times as a kid. During the night, a picture frame on a table moved in a manner that was similar to movement of objects where I grew up. The entire episode gave me a déjà vu.

“Ghost Hunters”
Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, CO

The breaking glass on Jason’s night table did not impress me. I had the heater turn on near my glass of ice water near the bed and it cracked. I’m not surprised. What did seem very familiar was the knocking around in the closet and the door opening and closing. This was a scenario that seemed quite feasible.

A lot happens on ghost hunting shows that is questionable so far as a real haunting feature goes, but occasionally they come across something that makes me have to replay it many times over. I’d be curious to hear from any of you who have experienced phenomenon which episodes or scenes rang true for you.


  1. I have trouble believing Ghost Hunters after viewing some of the evidence attesting to fakery. That evidence is pretty persuasive and has its own internal logic that doesn't require context. These are some examples:



    I remember first seeing the armory episode where the camera got knocked down. That was very persuasive evidence. However, when the hoaxing started to come out, I have to even question that one.

  2. Cullan;
    That's exactly why I've carefully chosen my examples. Most everything else was questionable or explainable. I only stop and take note of the ones that make my hair raise on end because they are so similar to what I have experienced. I try not to throw the baby out with the bathwater when it comes to GH. The jacket tugging one really bothered me a lot and a few other ones like an obvious and clear male voice telling them they aren't supposed to be in there (I think that was the jacket episode if I recall).

  3. The episode of GA where the bricks flies across the room that you mention gave me the chills and also the GH episode where you see the shadow person lean over the railing on top of the staircase of the light house. That one was a cool catch!

  4. Hey Sandra;
    I felt the same way about the GH St. Augustine episode, but later on thinking about it, I wondered if the IR from the camera on the ground aimed upward just caught one of them looking over the railing. There was a time there where Jason ran ahead of Grant and it might have appeared if they both looked over the railing as if the spirit had moved up several levels quickly. That episode was wonderful to watch though. It still gives me little chills of delight.

  5. I'm to the point I don't watch any of the ghost shows religiously anymore. Well, except Destination Truth. I only watch that because Josh is highly entertaining.

  6. Great post and great picks! Most of the time now I'm questioning what's been staged/set up, but there have been the shows where I went, "Whoa? Could that be something?"

    I think some of DT's very 1st episodes this season did that to me. Some of the FLIR stuff they caught. (It was either their 1st or 2nd epi this season, and I want to say they were in Egypt but I'm not sure...my memory is that bad!)

    Some of GA's EVPs this season have been pretty good too.

    Nice job, Autumnforest!

  7. Even the destination truth episode in romania can be faked with wires where the guy goes flying off screen. And that is probably the 'craziest' thing i've seen on any paranormally oriented show.

    EVPs can be faked. So can lights, falls, jerks, cold spots etc. etc. etc.

    I guess that this entire thing just boils down to trusting the creators.


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