Mind Fuck Tuesday: Shadow People

It’s another issue of my Tuesday special, trying to open your minds and make you question everything.

Today’s subject is Shadow People, those creepy things caught out of the corner of one’s eye at first, then whisk away when they realize they’re being seen. These “beings” are a dense black color, sometimes 4-feet tall and human shaped, other times tall and slender and with a top hat, as well.

Here are some theories tossed about:

They are noncorporeal beings (having never been in human form)
They are evil demons
They are spirits having trouble forming
They are beings from another dimension
They are a projection of our own dark side

Okay all these explanations being told, let’s look at some things a bit more unconventional.

Today's Mind Fuck:

What if shadow people are a being that is always there, thought we couldn’t see them, but are being seen more and more because people use TV and computer screens that refresh so rapidly our eyes are becoming sensitive to things we couldn’t see before.

This is the theory I've probably hung onto the longest of all of them. It's universal that when you look at these things, they tend to startle and rush away. Sometimes, they come back curiously to watch you again and perhaps see if you can still see them. That they are shocked you see them says that they thought we never could before. It also explains why they are seen nowadays and not so much historically. It also explains why people who use computer screens all day seem to see them more often. It also explains why they show up anywhere--even brand new homes, gardens, graveyards, wherever, as this would mean they aren't necessarily earthbound spirits. It does not, however, explain why this being has to be shaped like a human. Why does it need to have our shape? It comes and goes without needing good running legs or arms to reach for things. Why is it shaped like us?

What if shadow people are people in an astral form who are in the dream state acting out dream scenarios and sometimes being seen by us or those who are purposely entering the astral plane during astral projection, therefore creating a form with their mind's intent that is similar to human shape.

This theory appeals to me in many ways. I often dream I'm in foreign countries and I wake up even speaking another language, feeling exhausted as if I truly traveled and have, in fact, been told by others that they saw me when I visited them in my dream state. So, it's possible we can project our spirit elsewhere in our dream state. That we literally act out our dreams. Depending on the stage of sleep, perhaps the imagery of the dreamer, we are nothng more than noises and chilly air and other things we call hauntings, but other times we project ourselves and in the dream state, our minds being rudimentary we project a dark human-like shape but no detail. The moment when someone sees us and we whisk away is when we are entering our awake state. It might even explain some of the feelings of dread people feel when one is near--they are actually feeling the anxiety of the dream state. This one fits nicely in that it finally explains why these beings suspiciously look human-they are a conception made by a human and a head, arms, and legs are our projection of what we know, our point of reference.

Those being tossed out there, hope your mind works in overdrive to chew on these theories and consider them. Let me know what you think.


  1. That's the entire concept behind the Dr. Strange comic book – minus the cape.

  2. See, Dr. Strange seriously needed a cape. Once again, real life better than fiction!

  3. Glad you chose Shadow People this week. It is a subject I enjoy reading about and hearing stories of. I haven't seen any at this new house, but saw them frequently at the old one.

  4. Take note if you do start seeing them again. It's hard to peg if they are site-specific or person-specific, as people who usually see them, see them throughout life.

  5. I will take note if they start to show up again.

  6. Hmmm...ok I've seen one "shadow-type" person in the house I owned that was 100 yrs.old. My ex-hubby and I believe that it was the original owner of the home. A black man actually built this home in about 1906. He was listed as a "farmer and a lawyer" if I remember correctly. I wasn't scared by the man I saw, I stopped and tried to analyze what I saw. Was it my shadow? Nope. It unnerved me a bit and I left the house and went on with my day.

    NOW...that being said...I constantly saw "shadow animals" in this house. Usually any size between cat and medium size dog. My ex occasionally saw them too. It was funny, we had both cats and dogs. We would be walking through the house and if you have ever owned animals, especially cats, you know how they can get under foot. We would catch ourselves moving out of the way of these "shadow animals" so as not to step on them only to enter the room we were heading to, to see them sleeping on the bed, sofa, or whatever. During this time, none of our pets had passed, so I know it wasn't them. I moved back home with my Nan this past January and caught a shadow animal - I'm pretty sure it was my cat Jupiter as he lived there with me and with her in the past. My two cats I currently have were in another room. I have also been at my friends house and have seen shadow animals. She has one cat. He wasn't in the room so it wasn't him.

    I know that a lot of people believe that shadow people are evil, bad, demons - pick your term. But if that also applies to animals, then I am being "haunted" by Hell Hounds and their Feline equivalent! Just want to also say that I've never felt scared or threatened by these shadows.

  7. Interesting encounters. Some have said they thought they saw animal shadows. It makes one wonder if these "beings" simply imitate those that they like to study.

  8. I'm a new follower and happy to have come across your blog. I've been seeing ghosts since I was 6 and now I'm 32. I didn't ever see shadow people until recently. A couple of things happened at the same time, I met a friend who sees Shadows and not apparitions like I do. And secondly, a woman who practices the dark arts moved in down the streeet. I pracice Wiccan because it's how I feel comfortable with my ability to see ghosts, my neighbor is not practicing Wiccan, something closer to voodoo. The shadows came when I was writing. They crossed over mirrors and picture frames at first and then I could see them coming and going against white doors. My husband isn't sensitive to these things but saw one scurry under a table and he followed it. It was nothing. My daughter is sensitive and had her own experiences. However, when I drew down the full moon, asked for protection, and ued the Egyptian Evil Eye, they went away. I've never had to scare off ghosts before but the shadows seemed wrong in some way. I'm also not into rebuking things in the name of jesus (I don't follow organize religion) I just felt like something evil was around. This was a great post. Thanks for helpig me think it through.

  9. Patricia;
    Great attitude. I consider myself a pagan too. My logical Virgo side would say to first be sure that your windows are secured with heavy duty curtains and that shadows you're seeing aren't just the lights from outside playing as cars come and go and such. That being said, I always found that placing a small makeup mirror in a window facing the offensive person's direction helps to produce a sort of magnification of the three-fold rule so that what they send out comes back 3-fold. Of course, like any other protection device, it's only as strong as belief. I'd suggest you go to my search bar on the right hand side and type in "soul seers" and you will find a post that is written just for you. I'm working on a book now to help people go from fledgling psychics to full fledged. The series was so popular, I realized people really want to take their skills to a new level. Some are scared and run from them or come up with behaviors and dysfunctions to tamp them down, but bold people like youreslf who are brave, decide to embrace it. My whole belief is use it or lose it. It takes practice, just like shooting baskets.

  10. Patricia,

    The individual practicing "dark arts" would bother me, especially if you felt ill-at-ease upon experiencing these shadows, but not one practicing VooDoo (insert other proper spellings here....)VooDoo is not an evil "religion" or "practice" as some people believe. You can thank the media/movies for that!

    I'm glad that your protection spell worked! Whether you believe in Satan, The Devil, or what-not, I do believe that there are mean, ugly, evil, negative energies et. al. out there.....some are even alive and breathing! HA!

  11. There was great movie about shadow people - John Dies At the End.

  12. Hey Echo;
    I see Don Cascarelli does this movie and I seriously will have to see it. I ADORE his films!

  13. If they are startled, maybe they aren't used to seeing us either.

  14. Jeff;
    A very good point. It's entirely possible that if we are in separate dimensions, we may manage to see each other briefly and nothing says that we see each other accurately. We may not have the vision equipped to discern them other than a black shape and they may see us similarly strangely.

  15. Hi, I'm a new follower. I'm actually the friend Patricia mentioned that could see shadows. I found your blog because she sent me the link to this post.

    I enjoyed reading the different theories you presented.

    I figured I'd just give you a link to my post describing the experience. Check it out if you want.


  16. Quinn;
    A very classic shadow person story. My son had an encounter with a friend--both of them seeing it. They saw the 4-foot version and it hid when they saw it, but then it came back out and peeked around the corner curiously at them. This kind of interaction shows a mortal fear of being seen but also a curiosity. Some say that they are watching us and don't expect to be seen, but occasionally with the right conditions are visible. My son said it came with it a heavy sense of dread and like everyting bad in the world at once. Should that be a projection of someone's dream self, it might explain why it doesn't linger in the daytime or perhaps why it doesn't seem to react to you seeing it. There are a lot of theories, but some people seem to run into them more often which makes me consider that they have a sensitivity or perhaps a visual range that surpasses others. If you have a tendency to encounter spirits, you might want to read this post. I'm working on a book to define fledgling types of psychics and how they can become full-fledged. This type seems to match you. Read it and see if it jives.

  17. F-everything;
    I've been anti-cell phone all along. People hate that, but I just have not relented. I eventually no doubt will but purely for texting. I'm not holding that to my head. I wonder with all the WIFI in my apartment and everywhere I go what that's doing. At least it doesn't seem to be killing my psychic skills, so that's good, at least.

  18. thank you for this. this is an amazing post for me. ive seen numerous "shadow beings" since i was very young. i grew up trying to tell people about what i had seen and i would always get the same look. after the internet came around, i found pages of people sharing their stories about shadow people. what ever these things are; aliens, inter-dimensional beings, ghosts, by products of a mental disorder; i just felt relieved that i wasn't alone. that I wasn't "making this up". amazing stuff. i hope to make a film about this some day. great site, take are.


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