Mind Fuck Tuesday: Can Plant Research Change Paranormal Research?

This will be an ongoing series. I’m hoping to make people open up their minds, consider new possibilities, look at things from new angles and perhaps come to remarkable conclusions. Each Tuesday, I will give you a new mind fuck. Hope you can handle it!

So, ya’all now I’m a psychometrist (a psychic who can touch objects and know about the history of those who came in contact with it). Well, it’s bothered me ever since I learned most everyone hasn’t got this condition (or at least don’t access it), and I’ve wondered how it is that information passes. I did find a huge clue in a burned out house in which for the first time in my life, I couldn’t find a trace of residual. So, perhaps it’s held in the surface, hmm?

Well, as my mind skips along the giddy trail of paranormal musings, I began to wonder about something I read in a book called The Human Antenna: Reading the Language of the Universe in the Songs of Our Cells by Dr. Robin Kelly. On page 131, plants are mentioned. Cleve Backster, a lie detector tester tried out his machine on a plant in 1966. The plant responded to burning and watering. Later studies by others showed that houseplants could react to their owner’s emotions even if they were not around, such as reacting to the owner thinking of burning or harming the plant but not yet acting upon it. If plants have such antennae then what else in our world reacts to human emotion and content? How and why is information passed with such a connection?

Can a human leave behind a residual emotion at a given time and it is held by the environment and played back? Perhaps our world is much more interconnected than we ever thought. This would make sense from a psychic point of view and as someone who has practiced remote viewing.

Mind fuck for the day: Perhaps, humans are little small “suns” and we give off something akin to a solar flare that creates radiation and breakdown of radiation into neutrinos that pass through everything. On a smaller scale, a human might be able to affect a home, whereas a huge sun affects a solar system.

How much do we affect our ghost hunting equipment or even the phenomenon that we encounter? What might be projections of the living or residual from the past? When a moment in time is over, is it truly over? Could it echo continuously?

Hopefully this has made your mind twist and turn and your perspective widen. I’d really like to hear your reactions to such theories. After all, it’s Mind Fuck Tuesday and we need to be on-task for a week of work ahead of us. So, why not start training here?


  1. You'd segue beautifully with the decades-long research of another great mind (yes, Autumn, I said great mind as in what I think of you, too, & not jus' bekawz you're my little sister, either!), George De La Warr … who had, along with a handful of other maverick albeit science-minded types, devised a way of actually measuring subtle-bodied energies that we emit. Of course, certain Sensitives such as you can literally read such energies left over & impregnated in objects and/or surroundings. Here's another link ….here.… on the field De La Warr helped to expand upon, Radionics. More of his work would be instrumental in assisting in yours. I made this blogticle an instant Facebook re-post.

    Always all the best to you,
    A.Q.E. von Th.

  2. Hey Bror;
    You're such a doll! My own private fan club when others get downright offended that I question everything from authority to experts. Yeah, I'm not gullible, I am curious, and I don't think we ever get to a point that we can say "this is the definite answer," but so long as we don't close any doors, we might be apply that open-minded scientific thinking to social issues and other important arenas for open-minded debate.

  3. Vewy intewesting blog...I will investigate it further!


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