LAUGH: Fact or Faked: Flying Humanoids

You know, with the new season well and fully launched for “Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files,” I simply cannot resist being inspired to do yet another episode of LAUGH. This one is for you FoF. I adore you and this is loving fun. For other issues of LAUGH poking fun at the paranormal shows, look on the right-hand side of this screen. Whatever you do, be sure and see it tonight on SyFy. You know I'll be reviewing it tomorrow with the infamous tank top shot and the quiz and I expect all of you to have your wit and intelligence on.

NOTE: Do not drink while reading, or you will likely spew it from your nose.

BEN: Okay, team. It looks like we’re going to do one of the biggest investigations ever—Flying Humanoids.

JAEL: That was really disturbing film.

BILL: (rubs hands together) I’m ready for this one, guys! In fact, I’ve gathered video of all the potential culprits. Let’s review them and see what we think. (starts the video)

BEN: (frowns) Okay, this is utterly ridiculous!

JAEL: (crosses her arms) I’m with you, Ben. Really, Bill? You gave this serious consideration?

BILL: (squints at the screen and shakes his head)

BEN: We’re not stupid, Bill. That thing was bloated and fat. That flying humanoid was not shaped like that at all. You thought you’d get that detail past us?

JAEL: Yeah, Bill. It wasn't even upright. We’re smarter than that! Show us some real possibilities we can take seriously.

BILL: (grumbles) Okay, let’s try this one.

BEN: (finger to his lips as he considers it) Hmm, I’m thinking we’re onto something. I like the landing gear. It could be imagined as legs.

JAEL: I agree, but there’s something just not right about that.

BEN: You know, the flying humanoid didn't have anything dropping out of the bottom of it, so it's just not quite like this. There's something else not right about it...

BILL: I'm thinking it’s the whizzing sound. The flying humanoid didn’t make a sound.

JAEL: (nods seriously) Very astute! Yes, definitely. It’s not this!

BEN: I agree. What’s next?

BEN: (makes a face) Oh, Bill! Now, you’re getting ludicrous. I almost believed the possibility of that last one, but this is just silly.

JAEL: Really! This is much too delicate. And the wings are translucent.

Aerodynamically (waves his hand at the screen) it’s infeasible. How could those delicate wings possibly lift that person up? Bah! We're too smart to believe that nonsense!

BILL: (scratches his head) I hadn’t thought of that. You’re right, (laughs) what was I thinking bringing you this as a potential culprit? Let’s look at the last suspect.

JAEL: Oh my gosh! That could be it, Bill!

BEN: I’m impressed! (slaps Bill on the back) Now, that’s true investigation. Oh, look at the shape of it, the way it hovers. It’s exactly a flying humanoid.

JAEL: What is it called?

BILL: (looks at the paper in his hand) It's a Great Gazoo!

BEN: Well, we just figured this one out. This isn’t some incredible otherworldly paranormal explanation of some sort of flying humanoid. What a preposterous idea! This is something much more real world, the Great Gazoo!


  1. It is a good thing I didn't drink my coffee while reading this and listened to your warning. I am going with the Jetsons on this one. George's boy Elroy is a smart little fella and is probably behind the humanoid sightings. The humanoid is probably a cousin of Rosie's. Thumbs up again Sis...

  2. Julie;
    I don't know, part of me wonders if it's the roadrunner. A few times, he would step off a cliff and just stand there in the air while Wile E. fell to the ground.

  3. The roadrunner is a good theory considering he never gets hurt no matter what that crazy coyote does. There is something just not right about the roadrunner.

  4. He lives in the freaking desert--that's what's wrong with him :-) It makes me loopy too.

  5. Haha. Well, we may have gone with the alien guy, but did you know that ACME makes all of our gadgets and our experiment plans? Wait till you see next weeks! -Ben

  6. Ben;
    I would go with Acme too, except poor Wile E. Coyote doesn't seem to have much luck with their products. Guess that's why you guys are the professionals (wink).

  7. you're too funny! i'll be watching tonite

  8. Sandra;
    Excellent. Chime in tomorrow about what you think.

  9. Oh how I so aspire to be a "flying humanoid" LMAO! Or at least a flying human! HA!

  10. Tara;
    I'd be dangerous if I could fly. Seriously, can you picture Autumnforest hovering over you backyard and hitting you with the garden hose as you suntan? Yeah, I'd make people's dogs bark and handsome bachelors in upstairs apartments would hear the sound of me hovering outside their windows. Seriously, I'm enough of a Lucille Ball on two feet. Yikes!


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