Thursday, November 11, 2010

How To Talk To Ghosts

Ghost hunting shows portray bad technique left and right, but my biggest pet peeve is their EVP sessions!

Imagine you're sitting at home and all at once people enter your home and begin grilling you with questions:

"What is your name?"
"Why are you here?"
"Give me a sign of your presence."
"Do you know what year it is?"
"I dare you to punch me, kick me, yell at me!"

Would you tell them to get the fuck out of your home, you're not answering a question from strangers invading your space?

That being said, there are subtle ways to begin a conversation with the other side that are engaging and possess a genuine quality. You know how dogs can sense your fear? Well, it appears to apply to spirits, as well. Your intentions show quite obviously.

Enter the space and give it some admiration. "This is beautiful. I love the mantle." Sit down with your other member(s) and chit chat about your day, the traffic, your family, and all things that are personal and everyone can relate to, the ups and downs of the living. Mention family members, mention hopes and dreams. During this time you are becoming real, having true motivations, and are approachable. Had those people entering your home complimented your decorating, sat down and divulged their own lives to you in an earnest manner, you would have trusted and divulged more of yourself to them, wouldn't you?

That being said, you spend a nice length of time on the personal talk, including some joking around and laughter. Laughter is universally a curious thing. Even your dog stops what it's doing and stares at you when you laugh. Others turn to see what is so funny. Now, you're real, you're revealed yourself, and you've shown a sense of humor and kindness.

During this conversation, at some point (perhaps 15-20 minutes into it), turn and invite the unseen in the room to join the conversation. There is no need to explain the device on the table with the light on it. Simply turn during a conversation about your children painting on your favorite chair and say, "is there anyone else here knows what that's like? Children are a blessing, but they sure can get into mischief. What did your children do?" Then, you can engage them more. "I like it here. I bet you do too. Have you been here long?" You can talk with your group about someone you miss and don't live near. Turn and invite the unseen into this conversation. "Do you miss anyone? If you tell me their name, maybe I can help you find them." Treat the unseen as a companion in a conversation, bringing them into the topic of conversation. Later, you will know if you were successful when you review your recordings. Be sure that when you're leaving, you give them time to get used to the idea. "We have to go soon. I would like to come back again. Would you let us be your guests again?" Then, thank them for being good hosts.

There is karma in the ghost world, too. You treat them as if they are still alive and you are a guest in their domain, they will treat you accordingly. Some people ask me about baiting and taunting. I have practiced it without success. It is a last ditch effort to get a reaction, but the truth is, if you bully someone, they usually won't speak to you, but back down. What in life got reactions from the living? Kindness and hospitality. Yes, it's that simple.

Always do EVP sessions in a professional manner and that means setting down the recording device, announcing any time a door shuts, a car goes by, someone shuffles or coughs. Then, when reviewing it, you will know what those mystery sounds are and account for them.

Happy conversing!


  1. I believe that ghosts/spirits can do almost anything they did in their living life but to a lesser (more ghostly) degree. They can laugh, sing and yes have sex. Putting yourself into a hypnogogic or meditative state just before going to sleep while trying to contact a ghost works best for me. They know I am alone, they know my mind is free and open to them and they know I am not likely to be disturbed. Great article and I am glad there are those that see the ghosts/spirits as worthy acquaintances, although there are those I hope not to meet again.

  2. Emme;
    You bring up a good point and something that will be in a future post about how to talk to ghosts personally one-on-one in the alpha state. The majority of people who contact me, were visited by dead relatives in those moments before sleep in alpha state when the mind is receptive to communication.

  3. You are so right on. Who would want to have an advesarial conversation. Zak and ???? any ghost. But that is what they do. It's all about the evil attractions. I really like your reference to the way dogs or animals in general feel your energy. Love ya, kid. Great Ghost post.

  4. MM;
    It's common sense, sweetie, and just being a good spirit while in human form.

  5. I found that laughter got the spirits attention. They will let their presence known when you and your friends are being goofy.

  6. Julie;
    We certainly give them enough on the Pajama Ghost Hunt. We need to get another one of those underway. Jerome Grand? Hmm... that might be ideal.

  7. I vote for another pajama ghost hunt !

  8. Well, we might be doing one around the 30th/1st. We might find a very unusual place to film, it though...a graveyard!

  9. Wow! So they are more of a tea and cookies type of ghost. Pass the cream. Do you think kids are crazy?

  10. CB;
    Exactly. During one awesome KII session, my hunting partner and I talked about all kinds of intimate details of our lives, titillating things we knew might attract the bored patients in an old TB clinic. It was highly successful. When you giggle and reveal your intimate tidbits, it does seem to make them want to join the gossip and commiserate.

  11. Who doesn"t like kindness and laughter; living or not? Great post! :-)

  12. Thanks Brenda. I'm a golden rule kinda gal.

  13. Your approach is so beautifully genuine...bringing love and light into ghost hunting!

  14. You are right show them respect and they will do the same for us.

  15. John;
    Yup. They've certainly earned it, huh?

  16. Thanks Jessica. Just because someone passed on, it's not reason to be disrespectful. J&G show the most results of anyone on their team because of their folksiness when talking to the other side. They don't pound them with questions like Steve the ex-cop. Hee hee

  17. Will be sure to keep this information in mind. We have talked before and are never rude, but we could be more "natural" in our conversation before the segway into the "what's you name" type of stuff! Thanks sis for the information!

  18. It's good to know that sometimes it is possible to hear ghosts.

  19. my friend needs to know how to communicate with them?

    1. My suggestion would be to do an EVP session, asking questions and recording it on a digital recorder. There is a program online that is free called Audacity that is a good program to listen to EVPs on. Other than that, the only other options are some of the older ones used by psychic mediums. These should not be done without a very experienced psychic medium.

  20. Hi. Are you still there?