Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Halloween Gods at Work 2010!

Pumpkinrot seriously owns Halloween, exudes it from every pore, drips it from the blood in his veins. This guy IS Halloween. I get my Halloween cards from him and, hell, they're good year-round because he really gets us creepy lovers. This video (above) is his Halloween haunt this year, but he has other videos on YouTube and also on his website. His scarecrows alone will blow you away.

My other Halloween God is John from Season of Shadows. Oh, I just love this guy and his huge heart. He truly is so full of love for the season and just child-like joy and talented hands that make the most amazing props! See what he did this season.

We all enjoyed watching everyone build up to Halloween, but I thought I'd share with you what the greatest Halloween talent in the country actually did on that amazing day. I'm still shaking my head in wonder, humbled by their visions.


  1. The music in that video could make anything scary.

  2. I agree. Horror depends a great deal on the music. Just looked at "Halloween." Without that tinkling music, it would not have been very scary.

  3. It's like the ghost hunting shows that go looking for ghost in the middle of the night. Darkness could make McDonalds look scary, lol.

  4. Gabriel;
    McDonald's IS scary. Hee hee

  5. Both of these guys are true Hallowe'en artists! According to Rot, he didn't actually set up a haunt this year: he built props and set up scenes in different location and photographed them. As cool as that is, I have to admit to being a little disappointed that it wasn't a traditional display.

    And HOW could I forget John's haunt!?! I firmly believe this is his best haunt to date! It fits his location perfectly, and is absolutely beautiful.

  6. HN;
    Very astute. I'm suspecting perhaps Rot is savvy enough to know that his location may not be ideal for much of a gathering. A lot of us across country noticed a reduced amount of ToT'ers this year. I actually have a post coming out about the decline of H-ween. I am glad he uses his talents in any way he can, even if it's to make amazing vids. Yeah, these guys are the Gods and were are all just worshippers. I suspect you may be one in training, dear.

  7. Autumn,

    Wow! That totally knocked my socks off! Thank you so much for your extremely kind entry about Season of Shadows.

    It's an honor to know you regard my work so highly and of course an honor to be mentioned with the likes of Pumpkinrot. I've admired his work for many years now! His displays are what initially inspired me to move from setting up haunted hallways on Halloween to actually building and displaying mache props.

    And a huge thanks to HalloweeNut as well! Thank you both!!

  8. John you are unique amongst the Halloween Gods, please proceed with your planning for next year and I will delightfully follow you ever step. I wish I had your talent and patience. You don't just have forethought, you have action and ability to see a vision through. And, as someone in the medical field, I really appreciate your anatomically accurate reproductions. Wow!