Dia De Los Muertos Giveaway!

I had a nice time on Halloween at the Mesa, AZ Dia de los Muertos festival. Lots of great music, face painting, fantastic foods and some wicked awesome vendors. I'm having a giveaway from the event. A necklace, balloon and skeleton. Add your own Corona beer with lime and you have a little fun celebration (get even more in the mood and go to Taco Bell and get some Nachos Grande).

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Do so by Friday at 6 pm EST and I will announce the winner on Lonely on a Friday Night post at 7 pm EST)

Oh, and here's my Halloween display in my apartment window for Halloween. I had a super lame-o turnout. Total disappointment. Jeez, if I were a kid in an apartment building, I'd be pounding on doors like mad.


  1. oh, pick me, pick me! Daniel tells cool stories about dia de los muertos in Mexico.

    Sorry about the lame turnout of kids at your apartment. I couldn't watch the video of your setup in your apartment but knowing you, I bet it was pretty darn cool.


  2. sony music blocks dale's vid in canuckistan! GRRRRRR

    the other's pretty neat, tho...

  3. I had not one child at my door. Expected it to be so. I live in a primarily Jewish neighborhood and they don't celebrate Halloween...at this time, anyway. They have something like it during the warmer months when the children dress in costumes and go door to door. Forgot what it is called. Unable to see the video.

  4. My turn to win one of your fab prizes!

    Sounds like a lot of fun!

  5. Nice display! I had so many chilluns up in here that I felt like I had taken on a second job. The late shift is murder.

  6. I had only 3 and they didn't bother to wear a costume. grrrr

  7. Poor Barry. Yes, I had 6. Blah. But, they had fantastic costumes. I was totally impressed. Some of them wouldn't leave the window when they were done. It was too cute. I want to expand on the dolls for next season, but only if I'm living somewhere else by then because the apartment building is definitely lame-o and I think that's cause no many people decorated so it was obvious they weren't handing out stuff.

  8. Your window display is too scary. Too many dolls. The kids were probably too scared to knock.

  9. Jessica;
    It's funny, but the parents were scared and the kids were cooing with fascination and giggling with delight. It surprised me.

  10. I'm in, I'm in Big Sis! I've never been a big "South West/Mexican" type fan, but I do love The Day of the Dead! The artwork and colors are so beautiful, and we should all honor our dead (well, most of them anyway) LOL


  11. Please count me in for the giveaway! Those goodies look awesome:) I am crazy for Halloween and Día de los muertos:):)
    Hope You had immense fun!

  12. I would have came by if I lived closer. We had a decent turnout. I ran out of candy. Our old house usually didn't get many kids. This place is more popular.


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