Wednesday, November 10, 2010

BOOKMARK THIS: Online Horror Channel

Want an awesome new online horror channel with a great layout and lots of cool stuff? Found it! Zomba is one you should just go ahead and bookmark. They love zombies and vampires, killers and monsters as much as we do. They cover upcoming horror movies, news, articles and interviews as well as a fine selection of horror related fiction. I like it because the reads are great and the layout is so easy to follow and slick. I'm hooked. Hope you will be too. It's nice to just have a central place to go and get all your horror on simply and easily and without a crapload of distractions.


  1. A treasure trove of terrifying stuff!!!!

  2. I really liked zombies before the movie Sean of the Dead made them so darn trendy. I often dreamed of owning my own zombie keeping it locked up in a walk in freezer. Taking it for moonlit walks in the park and letting it feast on the brains of muggers and vagrants. (sigh) Maybe having my own CHUD would be more unique and impress the neighbors.

  3. CC;
    I always wanted a place in the woods and have a werewolf that stalks the parameter. I like your idea too, though.