WINNERS!! The Winners of the Extreme Pumpkin Book Contest

Congrats to Brenda Hooser and Max Evel for winning book #1 and book #2 in the Extreme Pumpkin contest!


  1. Wait! What? I won?? I love you Dale; and your awesome jammie! Damn good thing I didn't voted for "Scary clowns: rather than "scary ventriloquists!

    Thanks, Autumnforest and Dale. Your blog is awesome! Congratulations to Max Evel, too!

  2. Brenda;
    I think you made Dale's day more than he made yours! Hee hee
    He's still pissed about the jammies, but I did put him back with his doll friends, except I think it's hard for him to score in footie pjs. :-)

  3. Poor Dale! Tell him to look at it this way; Gene Simmons scored a hottie; and he wears footie PJ's.

    The girlfriends will have them off of him in no time flat. Hee hee!!

  4. I'm a winner ?
    Did I win a book ?
    A book of matches for Dale ???
    Yes !!!!

  5. Max...

    You had better stay away from Dale. He has knives!!

    Thanks, Copyboy; for the congrats; I'm sure there were many who wanted to win, and I'm thrilled Dale drew out my name.

  6. I gave Dale $20 and a bottle of Cisco. He promised me a win.

    Shifty little devil conned me.

  7. Pangs;
    That might be why Dale was suddenly buying his doll friends gifts and I won't tell you what he did with the Crisco...

  8. I see Dale, you are mad at me because I didn't rescue you from the trunk.

    Congrats to Brenda and Max Evel.

  9. Congrats Brenda and Max! Hope those books go to good use! And Max...that's means PUMPKIN carvin' NOT Dale carvin'! LOL

  10. Brenda and Max, send me your addresses so I can mail you your books.

  11. Autumnforest,

    Your peeps make me laugh!! It causes me "Pangs" of guilt that SOMEOME slipped Dale 20 bucks and some crisco, yet didn't win.

    Poor Adsila; Dale loves you, anyway' and thanks for the congrats!

    As for Max.. well; you're just Evel. Try not to "rue"n your new book!

    I'll send the info shortly.

    Dale? I love you and your hottie little self! :-D
    Now be nice to mom!!


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