Winner of the Book Giveaway/"Destination Truth"/New Season "Fact or Faked"! I Love You SyFy!

Here's the winner of the book contest for "The Dead Path"

I managed to find a way to control Skittles. It's sort of like hypnosis. He loves horror, but it was making him more and more controlling and scary. But, I found out that "The View" tends to make him quite docile for a good 24 hours, just in time for another episode. Only problem is the weekends and with this being Halloween weekend, well, we might need to go to Plan B and leave him in the desert...

The last episode for "Destination Truth" for this season...

Expect to see my usual Friday review of "Fact or Faked" including, of course, the boobie shot (a seasonally appropriate one this time and you're getting four for two because I have a friend standing in with me as guest breasts).


  1. LMAO! Hey, I have an awesome pic taken a couple of years ago in my Halloween Goblin Queen costume that's just my boobs in case you are ever in need of additional "guest breasts" LOLOLOLOL

    I just love you and your page! You, Ju, and Mi always brighten my day!

  2. Congrats Courtney on the book!~ I didn't enter this contest for some stupid reason! Go figure! Let us know how you like it! I may have to pick up a copy for myself!

    The Digital Looking Glass

  3. Tara;
    Send me the pic, sis! I can photoshop Fact or Faked on your chest.

  4. Forget about Autumn, Tara, I want to see the pic ! lol *evil grin*


  5. I was beside myself with anticipation. Not really. Always fun to stop by and check up on you.

    Since you may have Skittles appropriately sedated that must also explain why we haven't seen much of Dale. Sedated or scared? With Skittles semisomnambulistic you would think he might be a bit more active. Wassa matta? Termintes on the brain, Dale?

  6. MM;
    Don't push it. I suspect this weekend there will be some dark and scary things happening with Dale as he gets close to H-ween day and Skittles is the unexpected part of the mix since he won't have "The View" to sedate him. I'm screwed! I will try to keep a good document of this on video.

  7. YAY! Thanks so much for picking my name Skittles!!!!! I'm so excited to read the book! WOOT!


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