Sunday, October 10, 2010

View from The Top!

Okay, ya'all. You've seen the video from my back patio of the mountain preserve and wondered about the little mountain. Well, today I hiked up it with my son. He needed to do some film footage for a video for his video art class. So, we stupidly hiked up in the 90-something-degree heat without water. Stupid, stupid, stupid. I got this 360-degree video for ya'all to see what it's like here in Phoenix. I got home from the hike and Ikea delivered the new furnishings and so now I won't have to camp out in my bedroom anymore. I'll have a sofa, tables, chairs, things to eat on and sit on and a TV that I'm mounting above the fireplace. Yahoo! I am officially moving in and starting my glorious single life, a bit later than most, but hey it's better than dying in my old age never knowing what it's like.


  1. Nice looking area ...

  2. It's the foothills and the upper middle class area of town. I love being behind South Mountain--this is the biggest UFO area right here. I just love having that desert behind me and empty space. It's nice to have privacy. I hated that in the suburbs with neighbors only feet away and no view of anything but roof tops and air conditioner units. Funny how an apartment to me is a step up from a home. Haha. I also learned the hard way that even though they reattached my Achilles tendon, hiking is not going to be a hobby of mine any time in the future, I think, at least not on uneven hilly areas. Ow!

  3. I am speechless. It's beautiful.

  4. Echo;
    I guess it takes perspective. To me, desert is just sooo endless. Everything is sooo far away. Not a lot of color except turquoise sky nonstop. It is a weird place. Most people that come here the first time just stare with their mouths open. There's palm trees and orange trees and exotic accents, but then there's sage bushes and creosote and saguaros. It's a constant battle between man's encroachment and the desert's need to be...offensive.

  5. I would like to hike up there with you when it is at least 20 degrees cooler and we won't forget our water. It is so beautiful up there. Thanks for the view.

  6. Oh yeah, the desert can be beautiful to look at but this desert dweller wants to live near water in a few years when hubby retires.

  7. Glad you got your furniture delivered! It must have sucked to have no couch!

  8. HalloweeNut;
    Yup. Got the sofa assembled. I love Ikea, but you basically assemble the beast and upholster it. Hee hee. It's gorgeous. Now to get the Big Screen mounted to the fireplace wall and I'm ready to kick back and write some awesome books on the chaise part of the sofa under the windows looking at the desert.

  9. Hi, I live off of Apache trail and Power road (near the small mountain with the red light on it.
    I lost my house when laid off from Motorola after 19 years! So now we are living in an apartment until I can afford a house.
    My daughter lives east of you in Queen creek. Is there a dirt road that runs near power lines leading south from where you live?
    There is a place that no longer exists that was called Maricopa Wells and at one time it was a Stage Coach stop and one of the most important place in Arizona, Many famous people stayed overnight there as it was the only water between Tucson and Phx.
    The only thing left is some foundations and few people know about it as it is in the middle of the desert. I would love to do some EVP sessions there!
    Also, just North on Power rd a few miles from where I live there is supposed to be an empty field that used to be a campground supposedly frequented by satanists. I am told people has heard demonic laughter and screams there.
    My son wants to start a paranormal group kinda like TAPS as people seem to ignore the weird tales here in Arizona.
    Well, best regards,
    PS: Great site you built!

  10. Wulff737;
    Hey, that whole east part of the valley, especially Mesa to the Superstition Mountains is very active with haunting issues, especially voices, things moving, and even apparitions. I have my own theory it's tied into the HoHoKam canals that ran through there. I'm glad you and your family are into the paranormal. The more the merrier. I have not heard of Maricopa Wells, but I'm curious now. I know some people who bought houses in the San Tan area and had some serious issues not just with hauntings but the builder had dug up all the indian pottery and their yards were riddled with shards. Crazy!

  11. How awesome is hiking outdoors? Great video and I subscribed to your youtube page. (sigh) I might miss camping in my living room actually. =)