This Week in Horror Movies and Paranormal TV

Tomorrow-don't miss the post on the first ever Pajama Ghost Hunt!

*(asterisk) means I'll be watching it.

This week is exciting as we get closer to Halloween.

"Ghost Lab" They'll be at Gettysburg and no doubt will give me more material for my LAUGH series. I'm curious if they can show us something we haven't seen yet.

"Paranormal State" followed by "Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal"
"Ghost Hunters"
"Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory"
"Destination Truth"
"Scare Tactics"

Next week, expect me to also show you that "Fact or Faked" is starting a new season.

Pretty much for horror movies stick to SyFy, FX and AMC.

*HGTV: "Halloween Block Party" (decorating three neighborhood homes and preparing them for awesome Halloween parties--always inventive and awesome--love it!)
AMC: "Friday the 13th" and "Friday the 13th II" (really the only two worth seeing)
SyFy: New season of "Scare Tactics" (I love pranks, but even I wouldn't do these)

*Discovery: "Ghost Lab" (Finally--season 2 begins--Gettysburg! I'm watching out of curiosity).
AMC: "Friday the 13th III" and "Friday the 13th Final Chapter"
TRAVEL CHANNEL: "Most Terrifying Places in America" and "Ghost Adventures" (repeats)
Animal Planet: "Lost Tapes" marathon (freaky cryptid scenarios played out as if they really happened).

AMC: "Friday the 13th - A New Beginning" and "Friday the 13th Park VI: Jason Lives"
*SyFy: "Ghost Hunters" (new episode "The Chopping Block")

*Discovery: (another new episode of "Ghost Lab" at an abandoned nursing home).
AMC: "Friday the 13th Part VI - The New Blood" and "Friday the 13th Part VIII - Jason Takes Manhattan"
*SyFy: "Destination Truth" (The Haunted Island/Moroccan Succubus) If I recall from his on phone conference call, this is the one with an island that makes people sick and makes them die and Josh becomes very ill there.
History Channel: "Ancient Aliens" and "UFO Hunters"

FX: "Prom Night" (no, not the awesome original, the sucky new one)
AMC: "Jason Goes to Hell - The Final Friday" (Final? yeah, we've heard that before!)and "House of Wax"
*TRAVEL CHANNEL: "Ghost Adventures" (new at a haunted nursing home)

FX: "Joy Ride," "Prom Night," "V for Vendetta"
AMC: "Tremors," "Deep Blue Sea," "Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday," "Constantine," "House on Haunted Hill"
TRAVEL CHANNEL: "Ghost Adventures" marathon (repeats)"Most Terrifying Places in America," "Ghost Stories"
SyFy: "Joy Ride 2: Dead End," "Wrong Turn 2: Dead End," "Saw III," "Saw IV"
HISTORY CHANNEL: "Mega Disasters" marathon

AMC: "House on Haunted Hill," "Return to House on Haunted Hill," "Constantine," "28 Days Later"
TRAVEL CHANNEL: "Ghost Adventures" marathon (repeats)
SyFy: "The Midnight Meat Train," "Timber Falls," "The Grudge 3," "Identity," "The Reaping"
FX: "V For Vendetta," "Shutter," "Cloverfield"
*A&E: "Paranormal State" marathon followed by a new episode "Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal" New episode
TLC: "Bermuda Triangle Exposed," "Return to the Bermuda Triangle,"


  1. Ah, man. I want to see that "Halloween Block Party" show, but my dad doesn't get cable, dammit!

  2. You might get lucky and find that one online. Once it's been aired they're pretty nice about trying to push their specials by putting them on their site. I will report back if they have any really wicked ideas.

  3. Love this time of year..... your list is so long with lots of choices. DT and GA for sure!

  4. Yeah, I can't wait for the HGTV show tonight because I'm a freak for people giving super themed Halloween parties.


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