This Halloween week in Horror Movies and Paranormal TV

Just for fun, put on your copy of "Halloween II." Oh, you know you own it, confess! Put it at the beginning when they show Dr. Loomis shooting Michael. This bothered me from the first time I saw it in the theater in high school... notice how Michael backs up onto the balcony and his feet are at the same level as the railing? Hmm....

*(asterisk) means I’m watching it.

This list gets bigger and bigger with more paranormal shows making new episodes and of course all the smart channels knowing to show horror as we approach Samhain. I’m thrilled that “Fact or Faked” is back on the scene on Thursday night following “Destination Truth” (awesome ass to kiss). So, expect more of the FoF tank top boobie shots on the Friday reviews and perhaps a new LAUGH episode.

SPIKE: “Halloween” (the Rob Zombie unusual version)
*AMC: “Halloween” (the good one) and “Halloween II”
SyFy: “Scare Tactics” marathon


*FX: “The Happening” (M. Knight’s first R-rated movie about a plant-borne virus)
AMC: “Halloween III,” “Halloween IV” (both suck)
SyFy: “Stephen King’s Tommyknockers”
HISTORY CHANNEL: “The Real Story of Halloween”

*FX: “The Strangers” (awesomely scary movie)
AMC: “Halloween V” and “House on Haunted Hill”
*SyFy: “Ghost Hunters” new episode “The Oldest House in Georgia”

AMC: “Constantine”
*SyFy: “Destination Truth” Guam Zombies/Fangalobolo. Followed by “Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files” NEW SEASON!!!! “Haunted Mansion Mist/Starlight Intruder.” Expect me to have the usual review the next day here on the blog including the infamous boob shot.
HISTORY CHANNEL: “Ancient Aliens” (a few episodes)

FX: “Halloween Resurrection” and “Halloween H20”
MTV: “Jeepers Creepers 2”
*TRAVEL CHANNEL: “Ghost Adventures” This will probably be my favorite episode as the guys hit the “Vulture Mines” here in AZ during a once in a lifetime rainstorm. Should be hee-larious!

DISCOVERY: “Is It Possible?” marathon (show about weird and funky stuff)
FX: “Halloween II,” “Halloween Resurrection,” “Halloween H20,” “The Happening,” “The Strangers,”
AMC: “They Live,” “28 Days Later,” “Predator,” “Predator 2,”
TRAVEL CHANNEL: “Ghost Stories” marathon, “Ghost Adventures” marathon
SyFy: “The Beast of Bray Road,” “Dog Soldiers,” “Ginger Snaps II,” “Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning,” “Underworld” “Red: Werewolf Hunter”
*HISTORY CHANNEL: “Monsterquest” marathon (I miss this show and UFO Hunters soooo much!!!) “Afraid of the Dark” (show about people’s fear of the dark), “The Real Story of Halloween,” “Ancient Aliens”
TLC: “Bermuda Triangle Exposed,” “Return to Bermuda Triangle”
LIFE: “Flatliners”
CMT: “Gremlins”
SPIKE: “Halloween,” “Freddy Vs. Jason”

DISCOVERY: “A Haunting” marathon
LIFETIME: “Wind Chill,” “Devil’s Diary” “Hush Little Babies,” “Flatliners,” “The Eye,”
FX: “John Carpenter’s Vampires,” “Shutter,” “The Happening,” “The Strangers,” “The Ruins,” “Prom Night”
A&E: “Ghostbusters,” “My Ghost Story,” “Paranormal State” marathon, “Amityville: The Final Testament” “Paranormal State” NEW EPISODE—they revisit a case where activity is back in a big way. “Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal” NEW EPISODE
AMC: “Halloween III: Season of the Witch,” “Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Meyers,” “Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Meyers,” “From Dusk Till Dawn,” “Dawn of the Dead,”

******“The Walking Dead” I WILL STOP EVERYTHING TO SEE THIS NEW AMC SHOW!! This is the new zombie show!

TRAVEL CHANNEL: “Most Haunted in America,” “Haunted Lighthouses of America,” “Halloween’s Most Extreme,” “Most Terrifying Places in America” (marathon)
*SyFy: “Ghost Hunters” marathon, “Ghost Hunters Live” (Buffalo Central Station—good location)
TRUtv: “Conspiracy Theory” marathon
ABCfamily: “Practical Magic,” “Van Helsing,”

On a goofy note, my favorite YouTube goofiness--"Drunk History." They get someone really drunk and have them retell an historic event and a famous actor plays it out...


  1. This is the best post ever!!! Hours of enjoyment will be had by us. You're awesome.

  2. I'm crazy. Can you imagine going over all the channels Halloween week for 7 days? Yikes! Yeah, it's an insanely good schedule, but I have to admit a lot of channels didn't come up to bat. It used to be all the channels showed horror. Jeez!

  3. This is the week to savor , day by day.

  4. Echo;
    Don't you know it! We're about to enter the snow and reindeer/Santa and Home Alone season. Hee hee

  5. oh yes! thanks for posting this.
    lol, we don't even have a tv in the apartment, let alone cable. but i go to the workout room; there's a tv in there with cable, huzzah!

  6. Sandra;
    That royally sucks. Your kids must be going bonkers! My first month here, I only had a very tiny TV in the bedroom. I would go to the gym in the complex just to see a big screen while I worked out. I have my own equipment, but I wanted a chance to see something I didn't have to squint at. Hopefully, online you can find some of these things. They are so good about putting their shows up to get people to get hooked.

  7. I didn't see Trick R Treat listed this year. Looks like I have to go buy the dvd! I'm going to dvr some of these thrillers!

  8. Sandra;
    What is with that? I just don't get why that isn't on there. Do you know, I can count on probably one hand the horror movies based on Halloween Night. Trick R Treat at least was stuffed full of Halloween night feel. I need to add it to my movies too. I can't believe I haven't bought it yet, but things have been kinda hectic lately.

  9. I saw that Ben Hansen is going to join the Ghost Hunters live show. Should be interesting.

  10. I love Ben and will follow him wherever he goes. He's a handsome smart guy but also very charming and funny and sweet. GH could seriously use that mojo.


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