Suggested Online Halloween Shows

My favorite show of all time was "Stark Raving Mad." The premise was simple: An uptight publishing assistant is sent out to help a misanthropic dark and bitter horror writer get his second novel written after having a huge best-selling first. The writer has a dumb-headed assistant and a female friend who bartends in the bar at the bottom of their apartment building. The anal-retentive, germaphobic assistant is contantly dealing with the sarcastic writer's antics. This episode involves the ultimate pranks and paybacks. Enjoy! The elevator scene had me laughing so hard I cried.

I've found this online series called "McKracken Live!" on KoldCast TV that is pretty sharp. This Halloween episode might be just the thing.


  1. Thanks for sharing, both cracked me up. I needed that today :)


  2. I love horror and I also love to laugh, so the two just seem like a perfect combo.

  3. Tony Shalhoub, Neil Patrick Harris... Great cast, don't recall the show though. Couldn't have been on very long.


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