Stop Everything--Sunday is for A&E!

I’m thrilled to say that “Paranormal State” and “Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal” (isn’t that name rather redundant?) are back again for a new season. Wahoo!

“Paranormal State” is one of those shows that sucks you right in. I love the production of it and the mood and atmosphere and the way everything is evil and demon-related. It’s just plain old ghostie fun. I like to watch it in the dark. It has the moody feel of Britain’s “Most Haunted” without the ridiculous startling and shrieking. Yeah, we might not agree with Ryan’s methods on a hunt or his weird bastardized religious musings, but hell it’s just a great dark and psychologically twisted show.

“Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal” is an honest idea; help kids with psychic abilities to understand there is nothing to be afraid of and being different is okay. I appreciate that. As a child, I had no one to talk to about my abilities. They didn’t scare me, but then I didn’t know that no one else wasn’t doing the same thing. It’s hard enough being a kid, but imagine feeling totally like a freak? It’s a good premise, but like “Paranormal State” this is purely entertainment. I won’t even begin to discuss my issues with either show’s methods. I simply sit back and get creeped out or chuckle. Either one is good for my spirits.

Paranormal State” is having a giveaway for an autographed book. Go for it!

So, the new season of both begins Sunday night on A&E. More paranormal fun to add to our weekly schedule! Thanks A&E!


  1. Great points! I love both these shows!

  2. Becca;
    Yeah, it's going to be a great day for paranormal stuff. Love getting new episodes.

  3. Pangs;
    I will definitely. I'm working on my book some more and I need the dark moodiness in the background.

  4. I love both, gotta run or I'll miss them. Thanks!


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