Skittles and his influence and "Ghost Hunters" SyFy and SyFy thanks!

Hey, tomorrow I'm participating in a Q&A conference call with Ben (team leader) and Jael from "Fact or Faked." Not sure what I'm going to ask yet, so many things come to mind. I will report back on the results for ya'all. Their new season starts after "Destination Truth" (sweet spot) on the 28th on SyFy.

SyFy, let me just take the time to tell you that we all appreciate you doing lots of paranormal reality shows, even if some are total flops like "Beast Legends" and "Mary Knows Best." (How the hell Mary made it past the idea stage, I have no idea).

If you were to take aside some of us in the paranormal blogging world to pick our brains for potential shows, we might give you some really good tips. There are parts of many shows we all enjoy. One of the most popular features is the CGI animated version of a creature or legend. We enjoy those. Kudos for the very awesome work bringing features to life so we can see the hunted target. We also really enjoy seeing places we've never seen; creepy places that aren't so popular or well known. Animated and intelligent hosts like Josh Gates are very much appreciated. Traveling with him is like traveling with a best buddy. He can be serious when it's necessary and a total cut-up when it's appropriate.

"Ghost Hunters" new episode tonight on SyFy. A figure is seen and they get a response they weren't expecting....


  1. I know what you mean about the SyFy shows. I love the ones that deal with ghost hunting and paranormal "truths" rather than some crazy "lets walk around in the woods and not do anything or show anything that the audience will enjoy"

    Thanks for the post and good luck on your conference call!


  2. Hey Marcus;
    Thanks. Yeah, I really want a Bigfoot Hunters show but that's because ghost hunting shows got rid of the common citizen's fear of dark abandoned sites, but most folks are freaked out by the woods and the noises and the vulnerability. I want a group hiking, camping out, listening in the dark, using FLIR cam's and generally spooking at everything. I think that's the next titillating thing to freak out the city folks.

  3. Nice shoes, looks like your feet will not get tired wearing them. They do look like Skittles', but hey, whatever suits your fancy.

  4. Echo;
    Hardly date shoes--I have sexy ones for that, but they do work for those nasty days in this freaking always-warm place. I now refer to them as my "clown shoes." God, I even have red hair like him. If I start wearing a bright striped outfit or makeup like his, warn me.

  5. If you start looking like Skittles, I don't think we will be traveling anywhere soon together, lol. I like the shoes, they look comfy and will work out well in those abandoned places we are not supposed to be in, and have to run like hell.

  6. Julie;
    I actually had that in mind--my feet can breathe but I can also easily run in them if need be. I'd really rather try to charm my way out of it. My achilles so hates running after the reattachment episode.

  7. A lot of folks I know like to dis Ghost Hunters for one reason or another, but I think these people are missing the point. To me, it's all about the places the visit. I don't watch regularly, but I do still enjoy the occasional episode, at least the ones that have Jason and Grant (I really don't care for some of these investigators on GH and other shows that behave as if they've had too much it Ghost Adventures on Travel Channel where the guy is always talking about how he's going to kick the ghost's ass?)

  8. Bleaux;
    Yeah, Zak is definitely on caffeine, bud. I have a drinking game every Friday based on that show. You should check it out.

    GH gets my respect for one thing that no one has done; reveal ghost hunting methods. The last time ghost hunting tactics were released on the world it was turn-of-the-century seances and ouija board nonsense. GH put a light on something no one knew about and took folks to scary places and thanks to editing and production skills--they managed to not make it look as freaking boring as it really is. :-)

  9. In the woods at night is a great ideal, but I have some questions why “Truth” always screws it up. It like they are trying their best not to find a dam thing. What is the range of distance on those FLIR things. If they reached 100 yards more heat images would appear. Why don’t they set the trap cameras up a few days before? Why do they not scent block the cameras and their paths? Why do they split up in groups and run around the woods scaring off everything? Anything out in the woods would know where they where and what they where doing from 5 miles a way. I laugh my ass off every time I watch them. It’s one of the best comedies on TV. I like Josh he is a good host, but really. Bigfoot kicking back drinking some swamp water and laughing his ass off also. Bunch of city folks running around the woods getting hurt.

    Let them folks come stalk down coyotes with me one night. At the very least I’ll show how to travel in the woods at night without those piss ant $2 LED flashlights. Better not I like the show the way it is.

  10. Jim;
    You crack me up. Can I hire you for my dream Bigfoot hunt? I always wanted a Bigfoot Hunters show because city folks are terrified of dusty old places which GH taught us, but they are more terrified of nature. Put investigators in the woods, some FLIR devices, a bonfire, noises in the dark periphery and viewers would be terrified. The thing DT has going for it is that they go to places viewers would never dare to go. The investigations are total hocum, but damn if Josh isn't so darn charming you can forgive him. Their methods don't make sense. It's like going into a person's house and tracking him. He knows his own home, he knows where to hide. They go into the critter's den and poke around. The critters aren't going to come out. If for instance Bigfoot exists, do you think he's going to step out from behind a tree while they tromp around noisily and then go "oops!" and dart away? Nope. It is just a pleasure to watch for locales. I never expect them to get one piece of evidence worth shit.

  11. People would catch on to the Bigfoot hunt. Searching at the city park and abandon empty lot around town. I just don’t know what kind of iphone app you could sell. If GH has a EMF app, you could have like a wind and moon phase app.

  12. Jim, you're a hoot! Yeah, I could see that! I think folks would get creeped out by the BF hunt just for the same reasons camping scares them. It's what COULD be out there that makes they quake. If they're thinking BF, every sound is attributed to him, every skunk scent is surely his odor. We need to start that show. You want to be the team leader? hee hee


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