She took my camera!

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Human females cannot take a joke! She found the lighter that I stole from Max Evel. Oh, I admit, I put it in a lousy place, my pocket! Still, she had no right to go rifling through my pockets. Of all the indignities! Her hands groping around in my pockets. Those soft graceful hands that type 100 wpm. Those hands that carry me around the house and place me on the shelf. Those hands that she runs through her long hair when she's thinking...

Oh rats and crumbs! (A term I stole from my mama). She just doesn't understand that I'm antsy this time of year. Yes, I did steal all the knives in the place again this year and hid them quite well (unlike the freaking lighter!) Yeah, sometimes I do things the human doesn't like such as sneaking into her room and filming her as she sleeps. One night, I jumped up and down on the bed and woke her up. When she sat up to see what it was, I hid. Still, she knew it was me and not an earthquake. How does she do that? Damn psychic humans!

I've been coming around to your blogs lately. Oh, yeah, I know what you're up to. I'm following you. Don't think I don't know all your comings and goings. Oh yes, as Halloween comes closer, it is good to know where your friends are, but it's better to know where your enemies are....

Oh, and the human will surely punish me again by putting me in the trunk with all the girl dolls who are mad at me for dating them all at one time, leaving me defenseless as they pummel me, so I better do what she told me to do; post this message:

*** Tonight is Lonely on a Friday Night. If you have nothing to do, join Autumnforest and her friends here to comment back and forth about whatever the hell it is humans find so goddamned interesting. And know this, men, if any of you flirt with my human, I know where your blogs are! ***


  1. Becca;
    It's October and he's officially losing it. He's resting now, but when he's up later, I suspect he will find the flipcam and do a video.

  2. Freaky McFreakerson! Creepy McCreeperson! DALE, you're wiggin' me out MAN!

  3. Yah, yah. We get it, Dale, you little moulded plasic extrusion. The closer Halloween gets the spookier you become. Oooooo, I am so scared.

    Did you know plastic melts when it burns? Keep the lighter dude. Put it to good use.

  4. Dale again is getting sexed.

  5. Tara;
    Oh, I don't know what to do with him. I think he put a new video on my flipcam. I guess that's going to pop on here this weekend.

    The only problem with the lighter is he likely would have lit the whole damned place on fire. I don't trust him with anything that can light or anything sharp. Which reminds me, where the hell did he put my knives?

    Dale certainly needs something to work his gremlins out, but I know the doll-friends are putting out.

  6. You were supposed to use the lighter on yourself...Doh !
    Did I say that out loud ?
    You freak me out man !

  7. Locked in a confined space with multiple passionate women. You poor soul, Dale.

    Perhaps you should stage a coup.

  8. Sounds to me as though Dale is quite the ladies' man. Just so long as he doesn't accidentally melt his bad self with the lighter.

    Be careful, Dale!!


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