Review "Fact or Faked"

(above-special Halloween edition pic this time, next week expect the tank top shots to come back full force)

It's the second season of "Fact or Faked." Those who have followed my blog for a while know a few things about this:

1. There is always a boobie shot based on an inside joke about whether they're fact or faked (the answer is FACT).
2. Upon occasion the show inspires a new episode of my LAUGH series (right hand side of the screen) and expect this season will be most inspiring. In fact, the first episode is on Thursday as part of your reminder to see the show and it was so funny to write, that I literally had to stop, take a breath and continue typing as tears ran down my cheeks.
3. I might have a slight crush on Ben Hansen, the team leader. It probably has to do with his thoughtful deep-thinking stares and his intelligence and slightly nerdish shy feel that I have always had a thing for.

All your comments are graciously welcome, good and bad. We don't hold punches around here. One thing I know about the making of this show is that the premise is a brilliant one and technical issues aside, taking massive hours of filming and reducing it to a single show's time slot is going to be like making your favorite recipe and deleting ingredients you don't happen to have in your cabinets; it may resemble the original recipe, but it may not taste quite as complex.

First, I like to see Ben wearing more casual clothes. Last season, he looked like an eager college graduate in dress shirts and fresh ironed pants. Fashion advice aside, the investigators seemed a bit more loose and comfortable and expressive (as much as some of them can). Maybe someone gave them some energy drinks beforehand? Or maybe a nice shot of whiskey? Either way, it helps.

With only one show to view this season, all I can say is it has potential. I'm just watching the gestation period to see if it'll be a healthy birth.

The video of the mist in McPike Mansion on the ghost hunt had a few explanations from the group, but which explanation was NOT one of them?
a. Fog Mist
b. Bug swarms
c. Spider


  1. Totally missed it. I hope it's on or hulu or something. I was treated to a rare private tour of the historic (and haunted) Overholser mansion, which was built in 1904. I got to hear stories and learn things that regular tourists don't.

  2. Cullan;
    I'm expecting to hear about that, buddy.

  3. What I saw of the show did seem more relaxed than before. I was bouncing around, so I don't have any other real impressions.

  4. Pangs;
    You have a trampoline in your living room? That's so cool! Har har

  5. Boobie shots?
    I'm in.

    And I'm guessing C.

  6. Andrew;
    If you do a search on the right hand side bar for "Fact or Faked" you'll see a helluva lot of shots from last season. Yeah, Ben started the ball rolling with the concept of t-shirts that say that for plastic surgery patients. I went and made a tee and it's been on there every Friday's review in some form or other. You need to watch the show--no guessing at the answers. It really is a fun one which is why I play around with it so much on here. I hope it outshines GH which I think is circling the drain with their apathy and inbreeding.

  7. If it was on last night, I missed it. Maybe some other time. I was disappointed with the first series and not too sure about checking back. Fact.

  8. MM;
    They are much more comfy in their skins this time, don't look like teenagers frozen in front of a camera. It's good to see some expressiveness and some passion in what they're doing. I'm still not entirely sold on the field work. Reminds me of after all the intellectual contemplation in the school room, they become kids at recess on the playground. It's kind of ridiculous and over the top and I really would dream to make it an hour of looking at viral videos and a think tank group having round table debates about the vids and the one wanting to prove it's faked has to come up with a computer fakery to show it's bogus and win over the believer. But, hey, that's just my dream show. Right now, I love the premise and I'll stick with it as it evolves. There's a few too many cooks in the pot for me. Honestly, Ben is our "Grant" and Bill is our "Steve" and Austin is our "Tango" so I'd be happy with those 3 doing things and the others can leave. I would rather see the same 3 folks doing this over and over again and get a sense of how much a believe they are, how they tackle puzzles and where their passions are. This huge cast just loses it on me like Big Brother house on Day 1.

  9. LOL...Love the...ahem...boob shots! Alas I didn't get to send mine...oh well! LOL

    I haven't watched Fact of Faked in I don't know how long! I keep forgetting about it! Shame on me!

  10. Tara;
    This Thursday you won't forget because the funniest LAUGH ever will be up to remind everyone to watch that night. Shame on you girl--wanted your boob shot. Send it to me for next Halloween. I'm sure the show will be on its 4th season then.


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