Quiz: Which Horror Movies Should You Be Watching?

**Sunday A&E is starting a new season of "Paranormal State" and "Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal." I will be reporting on this Sunday**

I just had to do quiz time again because it’s soooo much fun learning about all you darlings. This time, I’m going to help you find some more obscure horror that might suit you that you haven’t seen yet. So, count your a’s, b’s, c’s and d’s and see which one you have the most of.

1. When it comes to tales that entertain me, I like the ones that…
a. Involve man versus nature
b. Involve being trapped
c. Involve atmosphere and beauty
d. Involve disturbing twists

2. My biggest fear…
a. Fighting a grizzly
b. Being trapped in a cave
c. Finding out someone I love is a killer
d. Not knowing what or who is after me

3. When ordering at a restaurant, I make my choice by…
a. Something healthy and guilt-free
b. Something grilled.
c. Something exotic and fancy.
d. Something I don’t usually ever eat.

4. If I could try something crazy and dangerous, I’d…
a. Go on a survivalist’s retreat
b. Go spelunking in a cave.
c. Go Parasailing.
d. Go skydiving.

5. Best place to make love…
a. Outdoors
b. Indoors
c. Plush hotel room
d. Anywhere and everywhere

Now, count your a's, b's, c's and d's and see which one you have the most of and scroll down to find the horror movies you might not have seen that you should...

a. “The Final Terror,” “Day of the Animals,” “Food of the Gods,” “Prophecy” (1979)
b. “Catacombs,” “Creep,” “The Cave,” “The Evil,” “Alone in the Dark”
c. “Half Light,” “In Dreams,” The Stone Tape,” “Wolf,” “The Sentinel”
d. “Ravenous,” “Deathwatch,” “Mortuary,” “The Beast Within”


  1. I am a "d" girl except for fighting a grizzly. That and being trapping in a tiny space are my biggest fears.

  2. I meant "trapped" not "trapping". The coffee hasn't kicked in yet, lol.

  3. So, no camping in the northern part of the country and no MRI scans, huh?

  4. I figured that for you LW. Hope you check out some of those movies.

  5. This is why I camp at hotels, lol. I dread the day I may have to have a MRI scan. I will require lots of drugs to calm me down.

  6. Julie;
    They're used to that, they'd send you to an open MRI scanner. But, sweet sister, you won't need any imaging. We can look at the outside and know you're already perfect, although your mind we might worry about, you do hang out with me...

  7. Ds with one a between for the 1st answer.

  8. Echo;
    Wow, the followers are seriously into the unexpected. I like that!

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  10. too many typos in last comment.

    hi there, dropping in to say hi. been in a bit of funk and just can't get motivated to do much.
    i was c's and d's, but the c's won out.

    hope you are doing well.

  11. Sandra;
    You're probably going to have a bit of a time, sweetie, getting use to the autumn changes. You're a CA gal. It's going to be a bit weird this first year, no doubt. Try to get your face in the sun, even if it's just inside your home in a sunny window. Once you get settled into the new place and a routine, it will all dissolve away. You have had a lot of upheavel. I am just settling down in my new nest and routine after over a month but I know what it's like to be living like you're in a dorm and feeling like there's no place to call home. Still, your home will certainly be worth the wait. You will make brilliant memories there, I am sure of that. And, immerse yourself in the local Halloween--you lucky gal! At least it feels and smells like Halloween there.

  12. Thanks lady! You have lifted my spirits. I am excited about all the fun Halloween stuff happening around here. I have my witch's hat ready to go. : D

  13. Wow! What a group of D's. I was A. I just took the quiz. For some reason, I never consider myself when making the quiz and then when I hear what others are, I wonder what I am.

  14. Well there ya go! I'm a "d" chick. With a title like "Mortuary" what did I expect? LOL

  15. Pangs;
    That just gives you a lot more movies to watch.

  16. I'm a "D" girl too. I think I got Mortuary on DVD for my birthday. So, it fits.

  17. Mortuary is a totally freaky movie, a little slice of the early 80s in a time capsule and has some big names in it before they got big.


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