Quiz: What Kind of Killer Would You Be?

Okay, cuties, it’s quiz time again. This time, we’re going to try and see what kind of killer you would be, if you were a killer, that is (and you better not be. We’re into the afterlife here, but not into causing it, mind you).

Count your a’s, b’s, c’s and d’s.

1. In an argument, I am most likely to…
a. Become silent and withdrawal affection
b. Keep coming back again and again to say more and more after it’s over
c. Explode and say everything I’m thinking
d. Ask for the argument to end and concede

2. When I go to a party, I’m likely to…
a. Hang out by the refreshment table and watch everyone while I sip a drink
b. Pick out the people I want to meet and find a way into their conversations
c. Attract attention by being loud and goofy so everyone notices me
d. Make friends with one person and stay with them all evening.

3. Cartoon character I relate to…
a. Pepe Le Pew, needs to be close
b. Wile E. Coyote, hellbent on one focus
c. Yosemite Sam, both guns blazing
d. Bugs Bunny, easygoing

4. Sex is all about…
a. Being as close as possible physically.
b. Having as many encounters as possible.
c. The crazed need for orgasm.
d. Making someone else feel really good.

5. In high school I preferred to be with…
a. The outcasts
b. My own cliché who all did the same things
c. I commanded my own group
d. Anyone who would take me in.

Now, count your a’s, b’s, c’s and d’s and see which one you have the most of, scroll down and find out what kind of killer you would be….

a. A stalker in the alleyways who likes to strangle, aka “Boston Strangler”
b. A serial murderer with specific tastes and patterns, aka “Green River Killer”
c. A killer of passion and pent-up anger, aka “OJ Simpson”
d. A mercy killer who thinks they’re providing a service, aka “Dr. Kavorkian”


  1. Apparently I'm a mercy-killing stalker-strangler. What fun.

  2. Pangs;
    So you just stalk and strangle the ones in the herd who are weak, huh?

  3. E. Lady Killer

    Well thats what I've been told !

  4. Barry;
    There's no doubt about that. I actually just took the quiz. I never take them until people start revealing their answers and then I want to know. Apparently, I'm more like the green river killer and like to do serial killings with a specific group and routine in mind. I had no idea I was in a rut. Got any ideas how to break free from that?

  5. Between service killer and oj.

  6. It appears I should be hanging out near Sea-Tac.

  7. You know, it's really enlightening to see what a gang of killers we'd all make. Warms the heart, huh?

  8. Oh my, Dr. Kavorkian...and then I could also be the serial killer with specific tastes. Somehow neither one of them sounds very good.

  9. Mary;
    Best course of action, help people in a serial way--be the anti-killer.

  10. I guess I am a stalking, serial murderer that shows a little mercy.

  11. Hey Gail;
    Equal opportunity, that's cool. Killer for any occasion.

  12. Well just call me The Boston Strangler-type! Apparently me and ally-ways are good friends! Hmmm...I can see myself being a stalker! Scary! LOL

  13. Tara;
    Well, you do kind of look the part in that picture... Perhaps you should warn your beau about your propensity. Oh hell, let him discover it in due time.

  14. Dam, first time to vist this blog and I find out that I'm like Oj. Great blog. The quiz was fun.

  15. Jim;
    Glad you like it! You want to know what the blog is about, check out this one. It pretty much says it all. Oh, and the OJ thing, it'll be our little secret. Hee hee

  16. B!!!
    cool sh#t!!!!!!!! :D
    The alias suits me.

  17. I'm a mercy killer. I don't have what it takes to be hardcore.

  18. Andrea, I feel better knowing you already. So, only if I'm circling the drain will you come and off me, huh? That's a true friend :-)

  19. I love your awesome posts! Such great ideas hehe.


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