Friday, October 22, 2010

Q&A With Ben and Jael from "Fact or Faked"

(Sorry, Ben, I just had to use this shot above--it was too cute)

Right now, I'm on a Q&A with Ben and Jael from "Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files." Lucky me, I got the first question. You know I had to ask Ben-Baby a question.

Did you ever want to investigate something the rest of the team didn't?

Ben said, yes. UFOs are one of his favorite subjects and they had a bunch of triangle ones in Russia being seen by huge amounts of people and might have been a hoax, but with so many witnesses, he wanted to check it out.

Did you ever find out anything about a case afterwards that changed your mind?

Ben said, yes. An upcoming episode this season in Washington State he entered very open-minded and found the witness to be not credible.

Ben also opened up that he was a nerd with microscopes as a kid. "X-Files" was on when he was in high school and he thought the job was so cool and loved the paranormal cases. He was influenced by that. He studied crimonology. He worked for private and gov't agencies doing research, interviewing, putting together evidence, making conclusions, that type of work. He was mostly doing ghost hunting before the show and interested in UFOs for over 20 years and the production company had no concept yet, so they sat down and talked about what was lacking on TV. They got the ball rolling from that. They added some team members, some swapped out, brought in Jael because of journalism background and "Destination Truth." Ben had investigation background and Bill was well known in paranormal community, so they all joined together.

Jael's favorite case was the weird walking stick figure on the person's lawn and it creeped her out. There were also 2 sightings of it while investigating. Jael will be doing 2 guest episodes on "Destination Truth" next season.

Ben said he would like to spend a couple weeks in AZ camping and checking out UFO stuff. Hey, Ben, honey, if you come here, you better contact me. I'll show you some pretty wicked places where I've seen UFOs and a gorgeous view of the moon, as well. :-)

I am really really really looking forward to this season beginning Thursday Oct 28th on SyFy after "Destination Truth."


  1. Interesting stuff.

    If that's the stick figure I'm thinking of, I'm surprised anyone found it especially creepy.

  2. I thought it was uber creepy, but I also don't think it was a real creature. It could have been as simple as something like a string hanging off someone's hat while filming or some other nonsense, but it did actually make it hard to go to bed at night if I let my imagination run away and believe it. They said that their personalities came out more this season and they went to more exotic locations.

  3. Sounds like they have an exciting season coming up.....can't wait.

  4. Julie and I will be featured in next Friday's review of the show with a very special seasonal version of the tank top shot...

  5. Haha. The moon is my favorite! -Ben

  6. Wow you sold me on it. I might have to buckle up for the season.

  7. CB;
    Seriously. I am stoked. I saw a preview that showed they were going to tackle one of my most favorite viral videos--the flying humanoid. Now, if we could get them to do that supposedly captured little alien creature in Mexico--with the urban legend about the man who trapped and killed it dying a hideous death soon after... Love that one!

  8. I am pretty sure that the "Night Crawler" was a bird like the Snowy Egret. Sometimes it would be a good idea to check with animal experts.

    I wish Ben had the guts to address major mistakes like the episode the "Caretaker" that was nothing more than a spider in its web.

    You know a show is in trouble when it needs to strip Jael down in order to get its ratings up.

  9. I do like their jaw dropping investigations.

  10. Barry;
    I actually think this season might propel them into a lot more seasons. I think they're more comfortable in their own skin. I agree that I'm not quite clear on why Jael in a mermaid styled suit would prove anything other than a woman can swim with her legs tied together, but hey you know you're going to watch that episode, dear, along with several million other men. Personally, I'd have liked to see Ben in that suit trying to cut through the choppy water and stay afloat. Oh, hell, I'd have put the whole freaking team in the water like that swimming in a circle like a bunch of water dancers. I'm looking forward to it. I still think it's a wicked cool idea for a show. I only wish it was less Destination Truth'ish and more along the lines of urban legends with some creepy story telling and darker theme.

  11. I would just like to see Fact or Faked step up in the honesty department and say something like "in a shameless effort to increase our ratings, we are putting Jael in a mermaid costume."

    In the words of Battlestar Galactica, this show should be renamed "Fracked or Faked"

  12. Ooh...Jael back on Destination Truth for a couple of episodes...looking forward to that! I wish she had just stayed on Destination Truth.

  13. Jeff;
    Me too. I think she's way too boring and dry for FoF and they need more personality and opinions but Josh needs someone to calm down his craziness and to interpret for him. I liked her the best of the gal side kicks because she didn't complain and just dove in and did it.