Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"Paranormal Effect"

I got the heads-up from a producer in Japan about this movie. It actually looks like something I'd really want to see. I tend to like things that make me feel like I'm part of it like "Cloverfield." Dark and creepy locales make me quite happy. Sometimes, I just want to see a movie in the dark that is in the dark. This one looks pretty cool. I will definitely have my eye out for it. Here's the preview of the #1 of the series of "Paranormal Effect." The original is out exclusively at Amazon to celebrate Halloween. I think I know what I'm going to watch on my new TV when it's up on the wall before Halloween....


  1. Looks really good. FYI...I saw the show Paranormal State and I got nightmares last night. :(

  2. CB;
    Nightmares from Paranormal State, really? Poor lamb.

  3. Dear Autumn, i am so sorry for not replying to Your lovely letter but I am immersed as now in my new "job" that is, caring for my baby daughter, but as soon as I can find enough time to write e decent enough letter I will write. Until then, happy autumn days for this most lovely season!