New Ghost Book Giveaway!

Today's creepy thing in the blog world.

Wow! Random House is going to offer a copy of a new book that sounds very promising. A ghost story. Yes, the best kind!

Do you remember the last time a book gave you the chills? "The Dead Path" is the ghost story we’ve been waiting for.

A haunting vision in the woods sets off a series of tragic events, leaving Nicholas Close lost amid visions of ghosts trapped in their harrowing, final moments. These uniquely ter rifying apparitions lead him on a thrilling and suspenseful ride to confront a wicked soul, and will leave an indelible mark on lovers of high-quality suspense and horror alike.

Nicholas Close has always had an uncanny intuition, but after the death of his wife he becomes haunted, literally, by ghosts doomed to repeat their final violent moments in a chilling and endless loop. Torn by guilt and fearing for his sanity, Nicholas returns to his childhood home and is soon entangled in a dis turbing series of disappearances and murders—both as a suspect and as the next victim of the malignant evil lurking in the heart of the woods.

Stephen M. Irwin is the kind of debut author that readers love to discover—and rave about to all their friends. His electric use of language, stunning imagery, and suspenseful pacing are all on full display here. "The Dead Path" is a tour de force of wild imagination, taut suspense, and the creepiest, scariest setting since the sewers in Stephen King’s It.

Enter this contest simply:
1. Be a follower.
2. Leave a comment (one only) by Wednesday night at 11 pm EST.
3. Winner will be announced on Thursdsay morning.


  1. Wow, even if I don't win, I may just have to get this book. I will try to win it first though :D

  2. Sounds like a definite "read." Thanks for the heads up!

  3. With that kind of write up you've piqued my interest. I'm with BeMistified: even if I don't win this sounds like one to put on my reading list. Thanks!

  4. It has been forever since I have been here. Well, I got good timing. PS: I hope you do not miss my gift card giveaway!!


  5. Hey MarZel! I do believe I signed up for that the other night. Very nice contest and congrats!

  6. I am adding this book to my book club list. And it will be on my personal list if the book club decides not to read it. Great review!

  7. Count me in! Love ghost stories, obviously. :)

  8. Andrea;
    You are the princess of horror stories.

  9. Count me in !


    Q: What is a ghost's favourite day of the week ?
    A: Frightday !

  10. I'm not posting to win, but...

    If anyone wants a SECOND
    CHANCE at winning a copy of "The Dark Path," I'm giving away a copy at Terror Titans.

    Click here for the details.

    (I checked out the preview of the book that's posted at Erwin's Facebook page. It looks like a spooky read!)


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