My Son's Creepy Vids

Ya'all probably know my son is about to graduate from college with an art degree with an emphasis on video art. His talents blow me away and he is hoping to some day start his own production company which I have no doubt he can do. His video inspirations involve some southwestern influences but most are focused on memories and boomtowns gone bust. Enjoy these films he's made over the years and hope they get you in a creepy mood.

“Automaton” (above--yes that is actually him on his first Halloween)

"Al Khamsa" (above)

"Reverberations" (above)

"Tamarisk" (above)


  1. He did a great job with the editing.

  2. Thanks Max. Considering the amount of footage, I don't know how he does that.

  3. What's that footage at the end of the first video (after the trick-or-treat)?

  4. Hey HN;
    That flashes us forward through time to the teen him looking at his computer screen. He loves to play with memories. He actually took the film and then showed it on the camcorder screen and held up the old fashioned VHS recorder camera to the screen and filmed it to get an old look to it.

  5. Thanks Pangs.
    He's done a few more lately I'd like him to put up online so I can share them. He's doing one right now about bloodletting. Should be an interesting theme to work with.


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