Saturday, October 16, 2010

Maybe I Shouldn't Have Showns Skittles "Poltergeist"

**I heard from Ben at "Fact or Faked" that the new season starts on Thursday the 28th. Now, this is exciting because guess what that would mean? It's following "Destination Truth" instead of "Beast Legends." Of course, you know I'm going to be getting us all pumped up for the new season. I'm curious to see what viral videos and urban legends they attack next. I think their only issue will be having people on the team with enough personality to carry the show like Josh and his crazy gang. Put all together, the old cast had the personality of a wet shoe. Of course, I'm rather partial to Ben's blue eyes and thoughtful stares so I would want to keep him intact and perhaps get some hyper folks, you know, like me. Oh, and yes, the Fact or Faked tank top shots will be back again, you can count on that!

Tonight, Julie from Above-The-Norm and I are celebrating. Yesterday, we submitted our book idea "Abandoned Places: Abandoned Memories" and are enjoying ourselves in an autumnfest. However, the weather will be about 90 and perhaps 70 at night. Next week? Chance of rain and 70s, but not today! Damn! We're heading out to a farm where there's a huge corn maze, pumpkin patch, a chili festival, rides, fireworks and a nighttime hayride. We will also be staying at a haunted hotel. Expect some ridiculous videos and photos and our first ever Pajama Ghost Hunt episode from the hotel in our Victoria's Secret nighties. Yeah, don't let your tongues drop--these are night shirts. The results of this collective weekend of mayhem? Who knows? You never can quite figure out what to expect from us. Hell, even we don't know what to expect of ourselves until we're in the thick of it. We tend to just wing it. Well, I do. Julie is kind enough to follow along and keep me from getting hurt by my own overly enthusiastic zeal.


  1. Lon Chaney once said, "There's nothing funny about a clown in the moonlight".

    Skittles+Poltergeist=Lon Chaney was right!

  2. Sounds like you are going to have exciting hunt. Hope Dale is ok, after Skittles' assult.