Halloween Series: Interview with Jack Torrance “The Shining”

Stick around this week for total insanity. Tomorrow--funny corn maze video by me, Tuesday is the first ever Pajama Ghost Hunt series. It will be a new goofy thing we do on hunts before we begin the REAL hunt, so do not think these are the hunt. These are pre-hunt antics mocking ghost hunting shows in some Victoria's Secret jammies and fluffy slippers.

This is another in my Halloween series of interviews with horror movie killers each Sunday to Halloween. This special interview is with Jack Torrance of “The Shining” fame.

AUTUMN: Jack, Jack, Jack. What were you thinking filling out that job application to babysit a hotel all winter long with your family?

JACK: Well, actually, I was thinking I could have plenty of space and time to write. I’m a writer, you know.

Oh yes, I ready your work. “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

JACK: (large devilish grin, eyebrow juts up) Yes, that was fine work. My best all winter long.

AUTUMN: At what point did you know you’d probably gone off the deep end?

JACK: The deep end? I would hardly call it the deep end, but I did run into some problems. (frowns and considers the question) I’d probably say when I was having a drink with a dead bartender. No, no, it would probably be when I made love to that grizzly old lady. Oh, wait! It might have been when I chased after my wife with an ax. Could have been the snowy boxwood maze. That was fucking cold! (chuckles) I guess you could say it was a series of mishaps and misunderstandings.

Mishaps and misunderstandings? None of it was cabin fever or alcohol withdrawal or something of a paranormal nature?

JACK: (waves his hand dismissively). That’s ridiculous. I’m as sane as I can be. (rubs his thumb over the sharp edge of his ax and licks off the bloody wound).

AUTUMN: Does a sane man try to kill his son and wife?

JACK: Oh yes! He does when he wants to be alone! They were intruding on my space. (sulks)

AUTUMN: In a huge hotel?

JACK: (nostrils flare, he leans forward, cradling the ax in his tense hands) There’s not enough room in the entire state for me and those two! (snorts) Are you questioning my decision-making skills just like my wife did?

AUTUMN: (scoots her chair back) Well, yes, actually….

JACK: (slaps the handle of the ax against his hand) You know, you remind me of her. Women! They’re not worth the effort. Whining and complaining and always trying to make us see things clearly… (rises from his chair)

(leaps up and backs up to the door)

JACK: (nods) You know, it’s cold out there, lots of snow. You’ll never make it, you know.

AUTUMN: (swings door open and slides down the icy hill towards the Sno-Cat, jumping on board and riding off as Jack swings his ax at the air and laughs hysterically).


  1. Jeez! When are you gonna learn, Autumn, that you NEVER try to interview mentally unstable killers in an isolated location? :)

  2. HalloweeNut;
    Just shows I'll go to any limits to do an interview for GHT :-)

  3. We appreciate you getting these interviews but are you crazy girl?

  4. Hope you are all right.

  5. How many times do I have to tell you...


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