Halloween Series: Interview with Carrie

This is another of my Sunday in October interviews with a horror movie killer. This time around, Carrie.

AUTUMN: Carrie, you are perhaps one of the most unexpected killers in all the horror movies. You’re shy, cowering, socially inept, na├»ve and from a religious upbringing. What made you the way you are?

CARRIE: (wringing her hands in her lap, hair covering her face). My mama. She was a bad lady. A bad lady. She would make me feel bad about being a girl. She made me hide what I am. She made me ashamed of my … (whispers) dirty pillows.

AUTUMN: Yes, she didn’t seem like a very happy woman. It took a great deal for you to get angry, didn’t it?

CARRIE: (twisting the fabric of her skirt in her hands). The kids at school were mean. They were so mean to me. A-and my mama made it worse. She made me a freak. I didn’t want to be a freak. I wanted to be pretty and popular.

AUTUMN: Well, you didn’t get a good example, did you? Tell me, have you felt any guilt about those kids that died?

CARRIE: No! (lifts her head, cannot make eye contact) They poured blood on me. They embarrassed me in front of everyone and laughed. They l-laughed! (fists clenched)

AUTUMN: Carrie? Carrie? Are you okay?

CARRIE: (eyes narrow, fists clenched, jaw tight)

Carrie? (scoots her chair back)

CARRIE: You don’t believe me, do you? You’re making me angry. You don’t want to make me angry!

AUTUMN: I promise, I believe you. I am so sorry everyone was mean to you. You did the right thing, Carrie. Really, you did.

CARRIE: Are you my friend?

AUTUMN: Of course. I’m your friend. (holds out her hand)

CARRIE: (grips it) Good. We can be best friends and you can sleepover and we can braid each other’s hair and talk about boys. I’ll never let you go. You’ll be at my side all the time.

AUTUMN: (fights to get her hand back, stands up from her chair, dragging Carrie with her to the exit).

CARRIE: Where are we going, Autumn? You’re in such a hurry. Slow down.

AUTUMN: I need to go. I’ll call you later, Carrie. (struggles to get Carrie off her arm)

CARRIE: (Eyes narrow and candles light the curtains around them)

AUTUMN: (gives her a shove and breaks free, running for the door as Carrie’s skirts catch fire)


  1. Carrie needs more constructive hobbies.

  2. That is one chick that you don't want to piss off.

  3. Did she ever learn how to control her monthly problem ?
    Everyone knows not to mess with a woman on her monthly problem.

  4. She's worse than ever, I fear. Without her mother around, she is now trying to follow me everywhere. Scary, huh? Yeah, the PMS thing is a bit of an issue for Carrie cause, basically, she's always on the rag.

  5. Don't get paranoid and frantic. There are remedies for PMSs.


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