"Ghost Lab" at Lizzie Borden's and Investigation Discovery Shows

THANKS DISCOVERY CHANNEL!!! (TLC crapped out on documentaries and the unexplained--unless you count families with too freaking many children, but Discovery remembered us--thanks!)

Sorry ya'all, I didn't have this in my weekly show's writeup because the TV listings didn't list it. Argh! I'm excited and this is actually something I want to see. It's tough having it up against "Destination Truth" and "Fact or Faked," as someone's going to have to decide which one to tape and which one to see.

Though she was subsequently acquitted, townspeople remained convinced of Lizzied Borden's guilt. Is it possible that the alleged spirits of the Borden family hold the key to unlocking this mystery once and for all? The Everyday Paranormal team on "Ghost Lab" uses unconventional methods — including an attorney — to find out.
-- Premieres Thursday, October 28 at 10 pm ET/PT

On Investigation Discovery Channel they're bringing out all the Halloween treats for adults.

This Saturday, Investigation Discovery presents American Occult, a three-part mini-series that explores some of the most haunting subcultures in America. Taking viewers inside the sinister worlds of self-professed vampires, cannibals and Satanists, each episode reveals the truth behind these ritual killers.

Each hour-long episode of American Occult features:
-- two different stories that are linked to the occult;
-- and commentary from Dr. Katherine Ramsland who analyzes and explains the killers' thought processes, beliefs, reasoning and how these crimes relate to the broader schemes of these dark subcultures

Savage Sin
-- Police uncover a group of devil worshippers who have been cannibalizing their victims in ritual ceremonies, and discarding their mutilated bodies in fields.
-- In the second story, a nun is found on an alter, stabbed to death. Police fail to find a suspect, and the case goes cold for years, but when investigators exhume Sister Pahl's body in light of new evidence, the identity of the true killer is someone they never expected.
-- Premieres Saturday, October 30 at 8 pm ET/PT

Blood Lust
-- A Florida woman accepts a ride from a businessman who seems to be polite. But lurking behind that ordinary exterior is a man who believes he is a real-life vampire and whose lust for blood leads him to torture.
-- Later, when a series of prostitutes is murdered in a Massachusetts town, police uncover a group of sex workers involved in a secret satanic cult. These cult members perform satanic rituals in a nearby forest, but has murder become one of their evil rites?
-- Premieres Saturday, October 30 at 9 pm ET/PT

Evil Sacrifice
-- A teenage boy finds his parents murdered as part of a ritual killing. In the days that follow, locals patrol the streets with guns, convinced that a network of devil worshippers are about to strike.
-- Next, a charming and eloquent preacher gathers together a group of devout believers determined to bring on the end of the world with a sacrifice.
-- Premieres Saturday, October 30 at 10 pm ET/PT

Investigation Discovery will also offer viewers another chance to see Cropsey (Friday, October 29 at 8 pm ET/PT)
... and a marathon of shocking "Trick or Cheat" tales of infidelity that end with tragic outcomes on Halloween Day. Some of ID's most talked-about episodes featuring stories of spousal revenge will air back to back from 3-11 pm ET on Sunday, October 31.


  1. I have to admit - serial killers are extremely frightening to me, it's why, when it comes to horror movies, I prefer them over monsters and aliens. Don't think I be able to catch these show, as my little sister hogs the TV whenever she can to watch her "Spongebob" crap. Oh well.

  2. Maybe you can catch them online. I have a 10-hour day today, but tonight I am seriously going to put on some of my more obscure horror and watch it. For some reason, channels seem to think we want nonstop repeats of Friday the 13th--even the crappy episodes of it. Hope you enjoy this new post that just went up--my son's creepy videos. That should get you in the mood.

  3. I have never trusted women with an axe.

  4. Especially if they have one to grind! LOL

  5. I was watching one of the Friday the 13th movies while watching one of the Halloween movies and I kept getting confused about which I was watching at any particular time.

    While not looking at the screen, I was listening to them talk about his sister and having to end the bloodline or some crap and was all WAIT WHAT? WHO'S BLOODLINE? OH FFS.


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