Saturday, October 30, 2010

"Ghost Hunters" Live Episode Tomorrow SyFy!

Yes, I am going to be watching this because they got smart this time and their special guests are all the members of GH from all the shows and Josh Gates hosting (yum!). So, I will be watching this live episode from Buffalo Central Terminal (very scary place), but I admit to taking a break for AMC's new zombie show "The Walking Dead" and it would take the walking dead to pull me away from that one. Tomorrow night promises to be amazing on SyFy and AMC!


  1. Hope this year's episode is better than some of their previous ones! I'll be watching too! ;-)

  2. Yeah, they're still having actors and a wrestler and it'll be a fucking zoo, but the locale is good and might accommodate so many hunters.

  3. I'll be watching this fearfest treat.