Ghost Hunters Get a Big Surprise!

Well, we keep hoping it's so. According to the insider description, GH will have something unusual happen that hasn't happened on there before. Is it enough to watch it? Hell, I suppose so since Steve and Tango will be back and it does happen to them...


  1. Steve and Tango are back? Thank God. No offense to Britt, KC or Joe but they're no Steve and Tango.

  2. Bring it on GH. your submission. Got chills. To me it's like Terminator meets the Stand meets the...I don't know, but I like it. Got chills.

  3. Andrea;
    I agree--we need all the stooges on that show.

    Thanks for reading that for me and giving me some feedback. When read aloud, I think it's pretty spooky.

    I will be at my writer's critique group and will miss it, but if they reshow it later like they usually do, I can catch it then. Still haven't hooked up my DVR yet.

  4. It will be a treat to watch Steve and Tango facing the hands of time.


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