Ghost Adventures: Waverly Hills Sanitorium

Ya'all know that every time Travel Channel's "Ghost Adventures" comes on, I have to put up a video and then give you the drinking game instructions again. Why the hell did I pick Techno Viking? Cause he's may favorite video of all time. I have to admit it. This was purely for my own damn pleasure and to make me laugh (before the show even starts). If you watch it when he gets dancing, though, he kind of reminds me of Zak when he gets all exciteable in some haunted location. You can see it, can't you? (just got you to laugh too)

The drinking game is the same rules as always; take a drink for every "bro," "dude," "man" and every time Aaron's mouth comes unhinged in horror. You best stay home and curl up and enjoy it. My drink tonight? I thought I might do something different than the usual culprits. I'm going to try some rum and fruit juice (just squeezed some hybrid lime/tangerines and made a tart juice with them). Rum makes me quite naughty and agreeable, so we'll see how the evening unfolds. I know I'll be laughing more than usual. It tends to do that to me. Please join us here this evening from 7 pm EST onward for "Lonely on a Friday Night" where we all chat and goof off and talk about GA and flirt and just be ridiculous.



  1. Now you need to make a drinking game out of your syfy stuff.

  2. I have to DVR the show and watch it later. It looks like another fun show. Thanks for the birthday wishes!

  3. CB;
    "Destination Truth" A drink for every form of transportation they take (jeez, don't drink the heavy stuff, you're going to get smashed).

    I'd add that GH should have -- take a drink whenever Jason says "things of that nature" or Grant says "what the frig?" or one of them gives us a segway explaning what an EVP is.


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