Friday, October 1, 2010

"Ghost Adventures" Wahoo! aka "I love you Travel Channel!"

The video today for the show is "Johanna" by Bobby Mackey singing about the ghost of his place. I figured since they're revisiting the "gateway to hell," (Bobby Mackey's) it seemed too appropriate.

The drinking game tonight, same rules as usual; take a drink for every "bro," "dude," "man" and every time Aaron's mouth drops open in surprise. The drink for tonight? Well, I think I'm going to try Sangria. We're still having Indian Summer here. Oh hell, I'm in the fucking desert, it'll be Indian summer until Thanksgiving at least.

Stay home and enjoy it, grow sleepy and nod off afterwards, but not before you join us here for "Lonely on a Friday Night." From 7 pm EST onward, we will be commenting back and forth; chit chatting, discussing GA, flirting, being goofy and keeping each other company if we have nowhere to go for the evening (and you better not be going anywhere or you'll miss GA!) We keep chatting until someone falls off their keyboard or passes out.


  1. I'll be watching GA. Looks hell of a cool hunt. Thanks for reminder!

  2. You're welcome Echo. If you're bored tonight, you can come on and comment back and forth with us while we watch it. Well, I guess I should say while the east coasters do. It's not on till later here in AZ. That's cool because I get a heads up from the easterners.

  3. I'm actually going to try to hit ya up tonight. My Dad is in town and not sure if he's going home today or what. I won't be drinking, but if I "show up" I will be laughing at YOU! I have school work too. Lucky me! But, you know I love a distraction!

  4. Dang, Tara-Dear;
    If Dale sees you like that, he's likely to sort through my things in search of your number! I hope you join us. I will be no doubt putting on horror movies until GA is on and enjoying the banter. It's always something new each time.

  5. Damn. I missed the fun. Notes to self:

    "Drinking goes well with paranormal TV viewing"
    "Friday nights are fun for chatting, so don't forget."
    "It's ALWAYS Indian summer... in Arizona!"

  6. Hi, I happened upon your blog and have a lot in common with you. I really enjoy your writing (the humor and the serious). I too am excited it is October, with a thin veil and tv chock full of paranormal shows it makes nursing school a little easier to deal with.

  7. Packerfanchick;
    Be sure to read the "LAUGH" series on the righthand side of the screen. That'll keep you chuckling hard. This is definitely our time of year!