"Ghost Adventures" Drinking Game

"Timothy" is a 1971 song about 3 men trapped in a mine. Well tonight is "Ghost Adventures" in the Vultures Mines. Could it be more appropriate?

I admit that I got to see this episode early and WOW!! This might be my favorite episode they ever did. Yeah, don't miss it guys, this is actually a really cool investigation and some interesting techniques and just lots of chills.

Same as always, the drinking game tonight includes the rules; you must stay home--no driving. Take a slug for every "bro," "dude," "man" and every time Aaron's mouth drops open in shock. I'm adding one more thing from now on--every time Zak gets touched! My drink choice tonight? I figured since they're hanging out in the mines, maybe something a bit rich like cognac.

Don't forget at 7 pm EST and all evening we have "Lonely on a Friday Night" here. Come and join us, comment back and forth, talk about the show, what you're drinking, any bizarre or weird things you want to bring up, flirt, goof off, joke around. It's an online party, just have fun.


  1. I'd get blasted if I watched an entire episode. Love the game.

  2. The first season, I had to do beer--I would have been all over the place if I used anything stronger. I'm kind of wondering how tonight will go with adding the new feature of every time Zak gets touched. Well, I could seriously use a relaxing evening. It was a helluva week and I love to end it with Zak baby and the gang.

  3. Is Zak going to put on a mining gear?

  4. Heeheehee....that would be good--old miner 49, Zak! Well, they do use some fun new gadgets but it's dark and creepy and some interesting stuff happens. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It wasn't as campy as usual. It was pretty interesting and yet enough stuff to get on drunk if you play the drinking game.

  5. Hey Big-Sis! At the beau's at the moment and will be heading home in a few. I hope to get back on line later. I posted a new blog earlier and I have actually at least two more I want to get up! One is REALLY interesting - Me, the beau, and my bud Koal went to the Lunatic Asylum the other night and...ummm..well...took pictures on the sly! HA HA! No Trespassing MY ASS! ;-)

  6. Tara-Dear;
    That's my sis! She's ballsy and beautiful. I love it!


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