Collectors: Do Your Possessions Get Along?

Today's creepy thing in the blog world--my favorite Halloween Haunt Builder, John from Season of Shadows is fucking brilliant.

Ya’all know I’m working on a few books right now including a workbook called “Was That a Ghost?” that helps you through some steps to figure out if something you encountered was paranormal. One of the chapters deals with objects and how they interrelate given psychic residual that they carry. Some of this information seems like something worth sharing.

The problem occurs when one adopts used, vintage or family heirlooms and introduces them to the mix at home. On a psychic level, it’s like bringing home a new pet. Sometimes, they don’t play together well with the established pets.

I call this the “curse of the antique shop.”

For decades I’ve had friends who wanted me to go into antique stores with them to read objects before they acquired them. I don’t mind doing such a service and can tell them much about the past owners and be sure they get ones with the energy they desire.

Often times, these stores have items thrust together that should not be near each other, causing no doubt poor sales and customers who whisk past them quickly. Every one of us is a fledgling and I suspect many of you have entered such an antique shop and just felt rather disturbed in certain sections of it.

The same sensation can happen in your home if you bring new things into the mix and the whole tone of that part of the room changes.

How can a person know if that is the issue?

Note these things:

Is there a part of your house that no one seems to want to sit in, hang out at or you find them avoiding the area all together?

Is there a part of the house that consistently someone seems to cause fights or get emotional? Note if it’s the same spot you argue in every time.

Have you found that there’s a cherished item you loved and now you don’t seem to love it that much any longer?

What do you do?

Backtrack to the last item added or moved in the room. Now, beware because it’s real easy to blame the newly added item and it may not be that it’s causing bad mojo, but like two north pole magnets, it might be repelling with the feel of another item.

Admittedly, as a psychometrist, this is an easy task for me, but for the regular person at home faced with a display of trinkets, this is how you do it on your own:

Stand in front of the display. Close your eyes to not be distracted by visuals. Now, notice how your body and mind feel. Do you feel buzzed? Tight? Sad? Is your mind racing? Anxious? Fuzzy?

Next, take the latest item added to the mix and move it to the opposite side of the display.

Leave the room.

Come back in to approach it anew. Close your eyes, feel what’s going on inside your body and mind. If you feel somewhat more relaxed, leave it. If you still feel a little weird, move the object yet again. Keep doing this, leaving the room each time and reapproaching it until it feels better.

Take note if things have changed, like people are using the area again or family disruptions are no longer occurring there. Periodically come back and feel the area and be sure it feels good.

Just know that all these items can have very good vibes, but some have conflicting vibes, like one might be enthusiastic and peppy and another is relaxing and spiritual. A powerful one can negate a peaceful one and cause anxiety and feelings of unease.

There’s no need to take an item back unless isolating it still causes strange feelings near it. In general, a lot of zen-like pieces with one high energy one eventually brings down the energy level of the peppy item over time. It’s sort of like being in a crowd of whispering people makes the hollering person start to speak more quietly.

I hope this helps. Remember, if you have more issues, just contact me. I’m always around to give advice about the quirky world of objects and their energy.


  1. Glad you like it, Libby. Of course, those clocks you got were specially designed to coordinate their overall energy together to make the desired effect, but people that don't sense these things in objects often get a real mess on their hands with borrowed and vintage stuff. I don't believe in bad items, but some simply have the energy of a very kinetic person on them and it can make peaceful pieces no longer feel peaceful. They're sort of the ADD items of the psychometry world. hee hee

  2. I've been told that my house looks like a museum blew up in it. I bet you'd hate my place.

  3. Barry;
    I can have a couple reactions from it. When I enter an antique shop, my first feeling is excitement. It's like having a thousand voices talking to me at once. I don't know who to answer. Then, I walk around and get the basic feeling for the place. If yours is ill arranged, I'd straighten it out and probably make myself at home in front of areas that exude whatever energy I need that day, if it's peppy and upbeat or quiet and introspective. It can all work if you do it right.

  4. Great post. There is place in my house that specific heartfelt items seem to dissipate. I hate that place.

  5. Echo;
    Let me know if you need any pointers.

  6. That whole "item emotional level in the room" blew my mind. Amazing!!!

  7. CB:
    It's really like going into a church or Synagogue. Items are placed out and used in a constant spiritual context. Eventually, the entire building is stained with that and all the items. But, if you were to take in a lot of items from different influences and people and situations, they can really fight with each other. Everyone picks up things from items whether they know it or not. Just remember a time you entered someone's home and it was a perfectly nice home, but felt weird and kind of unsettling. We are more sensitive than we know and whether you read objects or not, they still give off their residual.

  8. I don't have any bad items, but since I transported some of the antique furniture from my family home to our home, I feel more at home here. I don't know if its ghosts of memories, but either way it is a good feeling.

  9. Jessica;
    Family heirlooms are some of the best. Your family had a milieu about it that was familiar and you can get right into sync with it again. I suggest these as grounding items. The only thing I hesitate with is when perhaps it's jewelry or a chair used by a sickly elderly relative whose pain might have transferred.

  10. I never thought about my antiques not getting along until you did that interview with Kyle from API. That subject was brought up about a house that seemed to be haunted and the owner collected items from all over the world. That would be an interesting house for you to check out.

  11. Julie;
    Yeah, I would think a home that's like a museum would have a sweet array of things to read and comparisons to be made. It's sometimes like being a matchmaker, you just need to know which items belows with what item to live together happily.

  12. Ok, but what if it isn't your house, you've added your own touch at the request of "the beau" but there are pieces that that feel "yucky" due to who they use to belong too, or what they once represented, yet "the beau" still has some sentimental attachment to it? NOW, I fully understand the attachment as I have things from my previous marriage that I will never part with, yet they don't hold any negative energy as he wasn't an evil, nasty person.....I would NEVER push "beau" to get rid of said object(s), as I feel he needs to do that when it feel right for him....any suggestions?

  13. Ooops! On another note, the "beau" does have things that belonged to "that" family that she didn't take with her that he hates and has decided to sell it. Personally I think we need to have a huge bonfire, but extra cash is ok too! LOL

  14. Tara great question. Some people have their own methods like sinking it in salt or running it under cold water but not all items are good that way. I can tell you as a psychometrist that if it is plastic or fabric, it won't retain much. If it's metal/stone/wood it might. Then, you want to do like I mentioned--immerse it in "happy" items that will eventually influence it. As well, the more he makes contact with it, the more it will retain him as the dominant. Once I read a ring a woman handed me from her hand and I read a man with a pickup truck who trimmed trees and had several generations living his house with him and a lot more details. She laughed. The ring was given by a neighbor who owed her money and I perfectly described him. She had only been wearing the ring 6 weeks. It still hadn't gotten her retained on it yet. So, put it with positive items and they will dominate. If he has items from good people, crowd them in on it and leave it. If it's something he can touch often or even wear, he should for a time.

  15. Tara;
    Yeah, let some unsuspecting person get it. They might actually like the energy if it's like energy.

  16. Wonderful post! When we first met, my husband was confused by the fact there were items in his home that I avoided. He's loves antiques and I had to explain it wasn't the item; but the energy.

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