Saturday, October 23, 2010

Circling the Drain: How Does Residual Haunting Imprint?

Finally, I'm going to write about something ghost-related. I know, I know, I'm very ADD in October. I can't help myself. I'm a playful gal and then I have Dale the Doll and Skittles the Clown added to the mix of chaos and I'm lucky I get 2 posts up a day. Some day, if this gal ever gets a love life, you might only get a post a day. Guess you'll know I'm getting lucky if things slow down on here. I promise that as we go into November, the focus is going to get hot and heavy in all things paranormal. On Halloween day, I debated what to write about and decided I'd give you some insight into the place that started my trek into the paranormal, my childhood home; "Aspen Grove."

The first time I heard this term, I worked in an ER. I heard two doctors talking (real dicks) and one said to the other, “yeah, he’s circling the drain,” referring to a patient who was dying and could not be revived.

Since then, the term has come to mean more to me. It involves a whole set of circumstances that makes a person obviously on their way out if someone doesn’t put a plug in that drain. Anna Nicole comes to mind, but then so do dozens of other celebrities and addicts and those with deep depressions who act on a whim of emotion and end their lives. I think especially about the hospital room where Anna's son died and she gave birth and the amount of anguish as well as the drugs involved amplifying her emotions and might have laid down a tract there of residual.

It also came to my attention that those who “circle the drain” seem to be the object of much of the hauntings. When I did a psychic read at a location where teens party heavily, getting one read was hard, but the cacophony of emotional and mental distortions imprinted on the site made it very haunted feeling and made me wonder. We know mental hospitals and hospitals in general, prisons also, seem to have a lot of hauntings and we all know why; human suffering. So, what if a person is in a state of mental disorder like Anna (above)? Will they be more ripe for a haunting or residual?

That argument my sister had with my mom and the pounding on the walls and screaming that came back years later when she was long gone—that residual was laid down by a sister who was smoking pot regularly. Could that have somehow enhanced the emotions and the ability to lay down a residual tract?

What if hormones and electrical activity produced by people in altered states, whether it's mental illness or substance abuse, could produce a kind of kinetic solar flare with a resulting geomagnetic storm around them that impresses itself into the environment? In my own studies of things I find in common in high levels of haunting activity, I found that 100% of the time it occurred during geomagnetic storms, the result of solar flares. I use this example to show you the rippling effect of high emotional energy on the immediate environment. Sure, we're not as powerful as the sun, but what if we're sitting in a chair during a burst of our own electrical activity in our brains and we send out a storm that affects the very structure of the chair on a subtle level?

If we are to believe telekinetics (the moving of objects using the mind) is possible, then surely we have proven that mind/environment interaction does occur. Could this be held within the walls of a building to be released later? Perhaps released during the times of renovation in which walls are torn down, wallpaper peeled back?

I can't help thinking about my own psychometry skills and the ability to read residual left in places and objects. When I went into that burned out home and found it completely sterile for reading abilities, I knew that I found yet one more clue in my skills; whatever is held in the object in the form of readable information is in the surface of the object. I'm intrigued to no end because I go back to the sound of my sister banging on the wall in our house or the soldier's booted footsteps on the ancient wooden floors and I feel so much closer to understanding residual.

I want to explore this more with ya'all as we go into November and the Halloween craziness slows down. I will not lose my playful and goofy ways and there will be silly reviews of "Fact or Faked" and the "Ghost Adventures" drinking game, Dale and Skittles and the LAUGH series, but I am very focused now on being closer to understanding the forces involved in hauntings and I want my think tank (ya'all) to chime in. I'm going to make you think a lot, but then I'll make you laugh and it'll be all better. I promise.

I'd love to hear your input on whether this sounds feasible.


  1. I do not know much about residuals but the all facts of your logic fall into place and make sence.

  2. Echo;
    Residuals are really the majority of haunting issues people complain of which include apparitions and sounds and even voices. If you have a chance to be in a place that is likely haunted, that's almost surely what you'd encounter. How it gets laid down in the environment nad played back is still a mystery, but there's a great movie someone was smart enough to copy and put up on YouTube called "The Stone Tapes" and its an early 70s British horror film that gives a pretty intriguing explanation involving stone's ability to be used as a recording device. Heck, I'm up for any suggestions at this point.

  3. Echo;
    That explains my sex hormone levels being off the charts. It's the creator's fault.

  4. I'm a single girl coming out of a loveless marriage--I was always horny before, now it's off the charts. Yeah, maybe there's something to craving what you don't have.

  5. I agreee with you on the residuals. I have encountered so many of them over the years sounds,apparitions,music,they all make you think.

    I had something happen about a year ago in a cemetery. I was recording audio and while i was walking i tripped and hit my knee on the corner of a gravestone. I was on the ground in pain swearing very badly. After about 20 minutes i could move the knee and i headed for home.

    A lady and her friends went to the same cemetery about a week later. She called me the next day and said she caught an evp of someone in pain. The voice she caught sounded like me and the words were the same.

  6. John;
    I'm not at all surprised by that. It baffles, doesn't it? As a kid, my hippie teenaged sister would argue with my mom when she would find her pot and take it away. She'd pound on the walls and scream and years later when she was gone, it would replay itself sometimes. How long something can replay is a mystery, but my guess is that it would need to be something repetitive. I think lighthouses are haunted more often than not because of simple routine. A man climbing the stairs to take care of the light over and over again combined with a high power lighting device. The house I grew up in was a Civil War Hospital and the booted footsteps going up and down the stairs were like a repeated trip traveled so many times by weary doctors and men in pain and anguish. Your incident might have been still fresh and perhaps in a month or two it would be gone. I believe the environment has a lot to do with it, as well, such as good geology that you find in what I call the "sweet spot," i.e. mining towns as well as the states of Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

  7. I just read a book that argued that most hauntings were residuals and that a very few were anything else. Interesting to read more on residuals. Great post.

  8. Thanks Jessica. I have yet to find much proof of active hauntings. In my estimation, at least 90% of hauntings are residual.

  9. If we assume the residual energies are somehow the result of human interactions (as opposed to something outside human influence merely acting on the environment), then it isn't a huge leap to suggest that a person's energy state would make it more or less likely to occur in the case of a one off event.

    I would also make some sense that repetitive actions be more likely to groove themselves into the record as it were.

    You could also go way out there and consider time as nonlinear. It would be nonexistent, as all things occur at once and with infinite speed. The resulting possibilities regarding perception and how energies of different sort impact that perception are innumerable.

  10. (sigh) when you talk like that, Pangs, I get all dreamy-eyed. I love talking about this kind of stuff with thinkers. You have some great points.