Cemetery Overload!

What do they do when cemeteries overflow and there are just too many bones to deal with? Here was one man's idea for what to do...

Apparently, the French like to treat their dead like, well, Americans (hee hee)

Well, if you run out of ideas, this artist (Benjamin Kelley) pulverizes bone and adds them to resin to make art.


  1. Well, I'm just weird enough to think that the best material for making human art is humans...

  2. Interesting idea, I find it very fitting, as you said....thanks for sharing.


  3. Andrew;
    I knew someone would catch that macabre answer. I do think human bones are truly amazing and teeth, as well. I'd love to be able to make things from them, but that's as psychometrist who would probably gather a great deal of info from such objects. It would certainly embue any art with their essence in a psychic sense as well as visually interesting.

  4. I will have some of the ashes of my G'ma made into a diamond. She has approved. haha! =D

  5. That church is pretty spectacular. Apparently, Jan Švankmajer did a little docu film of it (the first version had voice narration and was originally banned by the Czech authorities and has since been made available). No, I didn't know all this, the post sent me on an Internet joy ride of skeletons and dark places.

    The Ossuary (Svankmajer, 1970

    The catacomb vid reminds me of a semi-cruddy movie about a gal getting separated from her group in those catacombs. A decent concept, if not successfully realized.

    Catacombs imdb link

  6. Pangs;
    I swear you and I were separated at birth. It's the freakest thing, buddy! I loved the movie Catacombs but I know a lot of folks tore it apart, but honestly it was pretty cool. I liked the way it twisted and turned just like the catacombs (I seriously doubt the writer had that much depth). Your little Internet stumbling cracks me up. Most of my posts happen because of that phenomenon. I get to a point where I go, "what was I originally looking for?"

  7. By the way, if you look at the 8:00 minute mark of that Ossuary vid, you will see a serious of cherubs with skulls in their laps. Now that's special stuff.

  8. Yeah, I liked Catacombs, but I realize why some people don't.

  9. Just an FYI....cremation is the pulverizing of bones after all else has been incinerated. In case inquiring minds want to know! LOL Oh, and they look like light gray ashes. Imagine that! Hence the term "ashes of your loved ones" .

    Ashes are now being used in a lot of jewelry for mementos as well as incorporated in glass such as a paper weight. Very pretty actually.

    After you are cremated, you are put into a plastic bag and then into a black plastic box which in turn goes into a cardboard box with the deceased name, age, etc. on it. That is then given to the family if they have chosen NOT to purchase an urn.

    OK, so maybe you really didn't want or need to know all of that, but I get so excited when I get to talk about the dead!


  10. Tara; you are our resident knowledge in such matters. I think it's interesting how they're making diamonds and other things out of them. I plan to give my son half my ashes and the rest will be put into vials and given to loved ones to dispose of where they think is poignant or keep them. The other day I was going through my photo albums because my part of the divorce is to copy all the photos onto disks (26 years worth!) Well, I pulled up a picture that gave me chills. A friend of ours standing in Sedona on at a vortex, looking out so peacefully. He killed himself a soon time after that and everyone took his ashes up there to the vortex to set him free. Crazy the way life cycles....


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