Boycott Halloween Movies on Halloween! Enjoy Zombies instead!

Got your attention, huh? Every Halloween we watch the same thing while handing out the candies (and eating half of them, as well). We put on the lineup of horror movies. Maybe we think we're being innovative watching J&G sellout and have celebrities hunt for 6 excruciating hours with them. There is only one place I will be on Halloween night and that is in front of the TV watching AMC's brand new show premiering that night called "The Walking Dead." This promises to be my very favorite drama tv show!

Here's the description:

"Police officer Rick Grimes wakes from a coma to find the world ravaged by a zombie apocalypse. Nearby, a small group struggles to stay alive as 'the dead' stalk them. Can Rick and the group survive the zombies and each other in this horrific new reality?

The Walking Dead is a survival adventure series from the director of The Shawshank Redemption and the producer of The Terminator. Premieres Sun., Oct. 31 at 10/9c on AMC.

AMC set up a fun site with fun prizes to hype it up. They know they have a good thing. Look for it here. They call it "Spread the Dead."

If you love zombies, for goodness sake, please catch this show! They are finally getting what we want to see! I can hardly wait for Halloween and not for the expressions on the kiddies faces as they see my haunted set up but to hunker down and see this show. Now, that's a first. Most Halloweens I'm distracted by the child parade on my front pathway. Not this year. I've never been so bad to have a big screen!

*DO NOT FORGET TONIGHT--End of season for "Destination Truth" and beginning of season for "Fact or Faked" SyFy! You will be quizzed!*


  1. BEST COMIC BOOK SERIES EVER!! I have high hopes for this.

  2. This has all the potential to go horribly wrong...if that's the case it should be hyterical. I just hope it doesn't take itself too seriously. After all, I just love 'Shaun of the Dead'

  3. I watched a bunch of episodes of Dead Set yesterday. It was decent.

    I'll probably check The Walking Dead out.

  4. i don't do tv... other than to watch dvds, and i got tons of horror! lol

  5. CB;
    Me too! The ads reminded me a lot of "Dawn of the Dead" remake feel.

    Yeah, it will depend. Looks like production and acting are good, let's hope writing is, as well.

    Dude, I know you'll check it out. You're too curious not to!

    I have a huge horror library myself but sometimes TV surprises me. Only sometimes.

  6. Either that show will be amazing or horrible (in which case it'll be even more amazing) so I'm super excited.

  7. Megan;
    Good attitude! Truly, if a zombie show thinks it's serious but it's funny--it's awesome and if it knows it's funny--it's awesome and if it thinks it's serious and it is--it's awesome. Win/win/winw

  8. Interesting- I'll have to check it out. I was thinking today about the Halloween Eve line-up and was looking for something fresh (pretty much burned through my usual go-to list in the last 2-3 weeks; a little too eager if you know what I mean).

  9. Hey BL;
    On Saturday night--I'm all over History Channel.

  10. I like to watch end of seasons.They seem to bring a lot exciting momemts with it.

  11. This is my favorite comic ever! I am so excited they made it to a show!

  12. I can't wait for this show. I will probably record and watch without commercials. Haven't been this excited about a TV show since Season 1 of Heroes.

  13. Leo;
    Yeah, buddy, I am seriously stoked. I hope the kiddies at the door don't interrupt it too much. You know I can't wait for a show when I feel that way about Halloween.

  14. I already have my DVR set to record all episodes ha ha

  15. LDG Nicole;
    You are totally awesome in my book!


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