The Almost Forgotten Cemetery

Today's creepy thing in the blog world is here.

This cemetery intrigued me. It sits in Chandler, Arizona and was outside of the grounds of a formal cemetery, a bunch of spread out graves in huge tall desert weeds and tumbleweeds. The graves were itinerant worker's graves from the early half of the 1900s. A huge home builder bought the land and wanted to put McMansions but he was met with resistance. They couldn't move the cemetery and could hardly sell houses with it sitting there. They had to do some quick nice-nice with the community groups so they put up a big wall around it, some pretty park benches and a plaque and then hid the gate away in the shadows so maybe no one would notice in the center of the new housing community was a few acres of graves. As you can see by this film I shot when Julie and I were there, some of these houses look down into the cemetery. I seriously would pay extra for one of those homes.


  1. Speaking of almost forgotten, here's a lovely ghost ditty from White Noise, an experimental early Electronic ensemble from the United Kingdom, entitled The Visitation … singular, not plural, as listed there. It's from 1968. Have fun scares this Hallowe'en, Autumn ~ Anadæ Quenyan Effro von Thüringen ~ (•8-D

  2. Great film...good job, sad forgotten place.

  3. Some things just lead to excess. I do like cemetaries though.Have no idea exactly why.

  4. Cool video i'm someone that spends many hours in cemeteries. So i agree with you about the houses looking into yard.

  5. Bror;
    You are always my adopted brother with brilliant insights. I will definitely check into that.

    Glad you enjoyed it. Anything looks good set to music. I realized--I don't ever freaking want to be buried in the desert--it was bad enough being here alive, I've earned eternal rest in the cool shade.


    They're so peaceful, and nobody talks back (well, we hope so)

    You and I both! I haunt the cemteries more than the dead.

  6. I love forgotten cemeteries. Been to quite a number. Among my favorites are those in old ghost towns. Down in Lajitas, TX (on the border in Big Bend) is a really cool looking one and recently I was in Utah at a (not-quite) forgotten cemetery in the largely unknown Sego Canyon. Hardly anyone ever goes there, which is strange because it has some rather famous petroglyphs of "aliens".

  7. Cullan;
    Petroglyphs of aliens and an almost forgotten cemetery. Dude, I seriously want to go there!

  8. Cool video sis! Just like I mentioned on Julie's post, I LOVE the hearts and scroll-work. They remind me of VooDoo Ve-Ve's. So pretty. So Haunting! VERY different from what we have in my neck of the woods!

  9. Wow, amazing. I love your blog : )

  10. Sister Shirley;
    Glad you found my blog.


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