Why Do Leaves Change Colors?

I’m not called Autumnforest for nothing. It is my obsession, along with horror and ghost hunting, writing and laughter. So, why is autumn my obsession? I always adored it as a kid. The moment school started and I had brand new notebooks and a clean slate, a fluffy sweater and a chilly nose while waiting for the school bus, I was anticipating the change in my life (every year hoping I’d be more popular, get better grades, get an awesome boyfriend), I was also anticipating the change in the trees. I remember one particular time when I walked through the woods and stopped in a field. All around me every tree was a completely different color. None of them were the same. I spun in circles until the colors blended into an orange mix in my periphery and then I rushed past the trees, picking one leaf from each, rushing home and ironing them between wax paper to try to preserve that feeling. It was as if their colors were a sign that they were all screaming for my attention. After a spring and summertime of green, green, and more green—there was color! Each tree became an individual like a human with a face.

So, what makes trees change color? Most people assume it’s climate or moisture but it’s actually the length of nighttime. These longer nights create a chemical change. There are three types of pigment involved in fall colors: Chlorophyll which we know as the chemical that creates the plants’ green color. Carotenoids which produce yellow, orange and browns, and anthocyanins which create red. As autumn arrives, the chlorophyll production goes down with the longer nights (less sunlight). The other two chemicals present in the leaves show at this point; the carotenoids and anthocyanins. Some species take longer to change colors. Temperature and moisture during the time that chlorophyll is lowering is what influences the brilliance of the colors.

It may be a ways off before our colors change, but when they do be sure and stop and take notice of these individuals. In the summertime they may be a mass of greenery, but in the fall they become oaks, maples and aspens.

(*Don't forget tonight is the amazing debut of my favorite show "Destination Truth" followed by the new "Beast Legends" on SyFy*)


  1. Smarty smarty! I love the fall too. I can't wait for the color change and cooler temps. My favorite season is winter, with fall a close second!

  2. I admit I'd live in fall year-round if I could. I hate summer. I love winter--my second favorite and spring my third (although my allergies hate that season).

  3. It's cool that you preserved some leaves before all fall foliage decomposes into ground. They can always remind of autumn.

  4. Echo;
    A dear friend gave me a journal for fallen leaves and it has wax pages and I put leaves in there from all kinds of places I visited in autumn and it had pages where I could write what I love about the season. In fact, I think I'll put that out now and make a post based on it. You just inspired me, sweetie!

  5. Fall is my favorite time of year. For the most part, I am usually in a great mood. I have lots to look forward to this fall. I am always glad to see our awful summers go away. *Smack* a kiss sent out to Josh and the new season of DT tonight. I am so excited.


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