Travel Channel's "Ghost Adventures" Tonight!

Since Zak and the Boys are at an asylum tonight, "Crazy Train" seemed appropriate to me. Hey, Zak gets his man boobs grabbed tonight, so don't freaking miss it! I've been inspired to work on a new episode of LAUGH involving "Ghost Adventures," and I can't wait to finish it and share it.

It's that time again... Lonely on a Friday Night here on the blog tonight and "Ghost Adventures"

Don't forget the drinking game. Tonight, I'm choosing port wine; smooth and sweet. You take a drink for every time they say "dude," "bro," "man" and every time Aaron's mouth drops open in shock. Play it at home, stay in for the evening. I want you to survive so we can talk about it tomorrow. Enjoy!

Oh, and at noon (EST) --be sure to check in here--an episode of LAUGH involving Zak Bagans on the Dr. Phil show. This is my favorite one ever!


  1. I actually love the pat boone version.

  2. Pat Boone? You did not just go there cb! LOL Hey remember that oldies infomercial of him in a leather jacket??? WTF? LOL

    That Ozzy video reminds me...I watch a 2006 Biography on The Biography Channel that same evening we spoke and watched Zak get his ass grabbed by a spirit! LOL

  3. Tara;
    I'm not surprised. I've had a very weird psychic connection with the followers lately, saying what they're thinking, mentioning something they just mentioned to a friend. Must be that I'm being affected by coming Halloween like Dale, only I get more psychic and Dale gets, well, more psycho.

  4. I've got some cognac I need to open.

  5. Oh yes, Pangs! I want you to go onto lonely on a friday night and comment as you get nice and toasted. Are you a giggly drunk, a quiet drunk or a philosophical drunk?


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