This Week in Horror Movies and Paranormal TV

*(asterisk) means I’m watching it.

SPIKE CHANNEL: “No Country For Old Men” (movie) Amazing, really amazing crime drama, dark and unsettling.
SyFy CHANNEL: “Ghost Whisperer” marathon.

*TRAVEL CHANNEL: “Halloween’s Most Extreme” “Most Terrifying Places in America #3” “Ghost Adventures” (repeat)
HISTORY CHANNEL: “Monsterquest” (repeat)

*SyFy CHANNEL: “Ghost Hunters” Lemp Mansion, “Destination Truth” (repeat)

*SyFy CHANNEL: “Destination Truth” (Josh said this was his fav) “Ghost Fleet” an underwater investigation of ghosts in the South Pacific, followed by “Beast Legends” about griffins.

*TRAVEL CHANNEL: “Most Terrifying Places in America #4” “Ghost Adventures” at an asylum (new)

Okay, ya’all, with us going into October next week, expect horror specials and movies to begin amping up. This may become very long Monday entries henceforth.


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  2. Of any show I will watch this week? Ghost Hunters at Lemp. I've been there several times; both with my husband, and alone; as well. Even stayed alone in the house one time years ago.

    Lemp NEVER fails to disappoint! It is a must.

    I even have my own little them song. Maybe my first October blog will be about Lemp. It is the month for scariness!

  3. Brenda;
    Definitely do it! That would be a fantastic way to start off the month of Samhain :-)

  4. Will do! Let's see... shall I post it BEFORE the show; or AFTER the show. What to do; what to do!!

  5. I hope to watch several of those shows. I have to be honest, I haven't seen No Country for Old Men because the dude in the middle, for some reason, reminds me of my step-father...just the way he looks in the face. I think that's why I haven't watched it. Yeah, I'm beyond a train wreck! But hey! At least I admit it! LOL

  6. Freaking hell, Tara-Dear; we must be related because I resisted seeing it because the man in the middle looks like my creepy uncle. Har har. That actor seriously has to be given all the nasty roles, huh? I did eventually see it at my son's insistence and it was an amazingly good movie. At least the dude didn't sound like my uncle.


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