This Week in Horror Movies and Paranormal TV

As we get into our season—this is amping up big-time. Next week should be off the charts because we add “Ghost Adventures” to the “Ghost Hunters” and “Destination Truth” and “Beast Legends” lineup! Wahoo!

*asterisk means I'm seeing it!

SyFy: “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” (movie)


SyFy: “Ghost Hunters” Goes to New Hampshire and New Jersey

*SyFy: “Destination Truth” (season 4 opener: Pompeii!) following this is the new show
*“Beast Legends” (features a sea monster legend investigation)
This lineup is so good, I won’t even mention what other channels might have!

Travel Channel: Old episodes of “Ghost Adventures” (next week—new season!)


  1. I am giddy with excitement having DT and Josh finally back with all new shows.

  2. I know, at least I know my Thursday nights won't be lonely. I sound pathetic, huh? Well, at least I'm too busy to be lonely just yet, but damn I could use someone else to help pack me! I can barely walk from squatting all day yesterday unloading boxes. And for a gal to usually runs 5-10 miles a day, that says a lot.


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