Quiz: What's the ideal way for you to spend Halloween?

Okay, my darlings, it’s time for another quiz. This one will ignite your imaginations. Count your a’s, b’s, c’s and d’s.

1. At Christmastime, I like to…
a. Decorate over the top and have a big party
b. Go away to a sunny beach resort—screw Christmas!
c. Go to a formal dressy Christmas party
d. Invite some family over, watch a football game, hang out around the tree

2. I usually prefer to go to the movie theater when there is a movie like…
a. “Dan in Real Life,” “Brokeback Mountain,” “Juno”
b. “Halloween,” “Saw,” “The Omen”
c. “Chocolat,” “Erin Brockovich,” “Gladiator”
d. “Adventureland,” “40-year-old Virgin,” “National Lampoon Vacation”

3. My favorite meal is…
a. My family’s pot roast and potatoes, homemade pie
b. Anything spicy ethnic and unusual that I’ve not had before
c. A 6-course meal at a fine restaurant
d. Delivery pizza and beer

4. I would like a mate who is…
a. A homebody and family oriented
b. Edgy and unpredictable
c. Educated, intelligent and classy
d. Someone who is unpretentious and goofy

5. If I could only wear one color forever…
a. Blue
b. Black
c. White
d. Tan

Now, count your a’s, b’s, c’s and d’s and see which one you have the most of. Scroll way down and find out what would be the ideal Halloween for you.

a. Stay home and hand out candy while watching horror movies
b. A séance inside of a mausoleum
c. Masquerade ball in a huge historic building
d. A bonfire in a field, keg, live band with a generator


  1. I got "A" as my final answer. In the words of Gomer Pile "Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!!!" :D

  2. Then, the quiz worked! I just barely got D.

  3. I got "A" watching horror flicks and handing out candy, but I also want to party around a bonfire.

  4. I got A for meal and the rest D.

  5. Hey Julie;
    Not surpriesed, dear. You are definitely a "see the kids' faces" kinda gal.

    Hey Echo;
    Meet you at the bonfire!

  6. Any possibility of moving the band and kegger inside the mausoleum? I'm scoring high on both. Maybe the grateful dead would attend!

  7. Brenda;
    I think you just hit on my dream Halloween! I say we get Muse to play and I'll bring the kegs! You bring the fire :-)

  8. Seance barely fought off Bonfire for the victory today. It easily could have gone differently.

  9. Pangs;
    Depends on your mood that day you take the test, right?

  10. Get the firewood ready!

  11. Seance it is. With a sprinkling of home horror movies.

  12. Monkeyman,

    Don't you know that horror movies will frighten the dearly departed? EVERYONE knows that!

    Besides... I see enough horror without watching movies.

  13. Ok, I got two "D's" and two "A's"...The "D" is really not "me" but the rest seem a lot more like the real Tara! Go figure!

  14. Tara;
    I'd suggest you relook at the one that wasn't a D or A and see whether D or A fits it better and use that as your tipping scale. :-)

  15. Ok Autumn, I did it again and got an additional "A" which is STILL not really me...or maybe it is...but a seance in a mausoleum or masquerade ball is so much more FUN! But, maybe not for every Halloween. Hell I dunno!LOL I can see myself doing all of them at least once!

  16. Tara;
    They may sound good, but the real you might be a homebody at heart :-)


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