Quiz: What Type of Horror Movie Suits Your Personality?

It’s quiz time again, my pretties! Count your a’s, b’s, c’s and d’s to find out what type of horror movie is best suited for you.

1. When looking for a friend, I tend to…
a. Look for the one who makes me laugh, is a total jokster
b. Look for one who stimulates my mind
c. Look for one who makes a great confidant
d. Look for one who is simple and easy to get along with

2. If I have a day off, I might like to…
a. Try something crazy and risky
b. Go to a museum
c. Spend time with friends or family
d. Get my chores done

3. In an argument, I might…
a. Scream and say things I regret later
b. Use logic and explain my side
c. Cry and feel it’s hopeless
d. Storm out

4. If I were a Star Trek character, people would call me…
a. Khan “Wrath of Khan)
b. Spock
c. Capt. Kirk
d. Lt. Worf

5. I make love like…
a. Fast and desperate
b. In the dark, as neat as possible
c. With lots of caressing and sweet talk
d. Purely to get to the climax asap

Now, count your letters and find out which one you have the most of, scroll down and find out which type of horror movie best suits your personality—

a. Slasher
b. SciFi
c. Psychological
d. Monster

(*2 more days until my vlog is on the blog and you get to meet me*)


  1. Great, I am a slasher .
    What's up with that?
    I so wanted to be a monster.

  2. Hmmmm …. It was all Sci-Fi 'til ya threw the style of love-making in there & then it turned into Psychological! LOL! Ain't that chameleonic me all over? Love & scary love from your Bror in the Old Dominion to my Sweet Starry Sister in the month of your namesake.

  3. First I need some more info...I haven't seen Star Trek forever. What's Lt. Worf like? Who is it?
    I know that I'm NOT Spock and I'm assuming Khan is a hothead, so I'm not that either...So I'm either Kirk or this Worf guy.......?

  4. Max;
    Me too. Just barely a slasher and a psychological second.

    Hello, my brother! I hope autumn is coming to the Old Dominion. Give Her my love. All is well with your desert-bound sis!

  5. Cindi;
    Worf was a big tough security guy, kind of gruff and tended to be a bit of a hot head. Khan was an evil vengeful dude.

  6. I always tend to get pulled towards psychological. Why should this quiz be any different. It's definitely the type of horror movie that suits my personality.

  7. I am a cross of b,c and d.

  8. I didn't get any A's
    just one B and
    kinda tied on C's and D's so apparently I'm a Psychological Monster


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