Friday, September 10, 2010

Last Minute Kitchen-Made Zombie

You weren’t expecting to go out and do a Halloween event, but someone invited you and somehow you got yourself in a situation where you need to head out the door and have nothing at all for a costume. No, actually, you probably do!

Anything can become a zombie; if you have a uniform for work or jeans and a t-shirt or a bathrobe and slippers…. Turn it into a zombie. If you don’t have a woman’s makeup at hand, go to the kitchen:

Elmer’s glue—spread it on different thicknesses around your face. Let it dry completely but make faces by wrinkling your forehead, smiling and frowning to let the glue crack up a bit as its drying.

Use cotton balls to dust cornstarch (or flour) atop of the glue to make your face pale.

I’d suggest you get yourself some charcoal, even if it means burning a dry twig in a metal bowl outside or foraging through your fireplace. Use this for undereye circles and make for hollow cheeks under your cheekbones and you can use it to pale up your lips, but do not lick—ick!

Blood can be done with corn syrup and red food coloring or simply ketchup (or canned tomato sauce) It’s not as realistic, but it can work. If you don’t have corn syrup, boil equal amounts of water and sugar for about 5 minutes and let cool, then add red food coloring. If it still looks too bright, add 1 drop of blue. You can have blood dripping from your mouth and you can peel back some of the glue to make peeling looking skin and work some blood into those cracks.

You have just created a kitchen zombie!

**DO NOT FORGET -- Tonight is "Lonely on a Friday Night" here on the blog. If you have nowhere to go, nothing to do, join us and flirt, babble, tell us what you're drinking, what you're wearing, anything you want. We just hang out and have a goofy fun time. Starts at 7 pm EST until the last person stops commenting**


  1. I want to bring you home with me for Halloween. I love your spirit and creativity. On Halloween - the play's the thing.

  2. Hey MM;
    Yeah, I'm all about the craziness this coming season. I hope to be able to vlog my work on my steampunk costume as I piece it together. I have a full makeup kit and do everyone's zombie makeup the right way, but there's some folks (men) who aren't going to use makeup or have makeup around their place, this is for them definitely.

  3. Wow! Thanks for the last second costume tip. BTW..I'm taken a page from your book and have been on a diet and exercise kick. Lost 7.5 lbs already. Thanks for the motivation. is september. When is the big reveal?

  4. CB;
    The bikini shot might wait until Halloween. The move and divorce stuff kind of put a kink in doing the 10 miles a day I was running. I'm getting back into that routine again, but I will definitely be putting up a face-to-face talk vlog on the blog on my birthday next Friday the 17th.

  5. Talk about helpful hints from HELLoise. :-D

  6. Cullan, buddy, you gotta know I wouldn't have your normal Martha Stewart solutions, but I took 6 years of acting in junior high and high school and learned a lot about theater makeup and how to make it on the fly if necessary.

  7. Who would knew that Elmers glue can do that.

  8. Echo;
    Learned that trick long ago. You can spread it on your skin, let it dry and peel it off. I used to fake out friends during class in high school peeling my skin off my arm. It was hilarious. I love to freak people out. At Halloween time, I put on fake skin and make a wound and stick a knife into it and have blood dripping out and when my husband would come home, I'd be screaming and trying to pull out the knife. I only did it once. He not only hates horror and gory things but nearly faints from blood, so I learned my lesson with him (in many ways). I'm not above putting a fake severed head in my car trunk and asking someone to retrieve something... I love the season!

  9. Why am I getting this hilarious image of you squatting in front of your fireplace wiping up old ashes! LMAO!!!!! Hey, check out my Asylum Pics! I put some up last night!

    Still LMAO at the image!

  10. And on another "we must have been separated at birth moment" I LOVED putting Elmer's glue on the back of my hands and then peeling it off when I was a kid. God we are such cool weirdos!

  11. Tara-Dear;
    I am heading over to your blog right away:
    I do believe we were separated at birth, a couple of giggly silly ghost hunting lovers of dark things kinda gals.