Halloween Series: Interview with Norman Bates

(*Remember, there will be an interview every Sunday until Halloween with one of the horror movie killers. Oh, and another 5 days until I put up my vlog and you can see and hear me for the first time--I mean my face, ya'all have seen other parts of me in videos...*)

Let me tell you, some of these interviews for me are downright dangerous. This is one such instance…

Autumn: Mr. Bates, what is it like to be an icon of the movie killers?

Norman: Please, call me Norman. My mother called me Norm, but I hated that (jaw tenses, hands clench) and I never answered to it. It would anger her and she would slap me across the fingers with her cane (slaps his hand) and say “Norm, you are a very bad boy” (said in an old lady’s voice)

Autumn: That sounds very much like an elderly woman.

Norm: Yes, yes. People often say we sound exactly alike.

Autumn: Norman, was there ever a time you considered performing taxidermy on your human victims?

Norman: (blushes) Oh, I considered it all right. How’s a shy man like me supposed to get a naked woman in his home? She’d have to be dead! (sinister chuckle)

Autumn: (scoots her chair back) You don't get many visitors here, do you?

Norman: Oh, every so often one wanders off the freeway. I can hardly count on them for company. Tell me, do you like to shower? I have a wonderful shower in room #1. Would you like to rent it? (raises eyebrow)

Autumn: N-no thank you. Your mother and you had a very strange relationship, tell me about it.

Norman: (cuts in) We have a strange relationship, not had!

Autumn: Are you saying your mother is still around, Norman?

Norman: Of course! We are inseparable. She needs me. She always has. She’s not the nicest person to deal with and I’m the only one who understands.

Autumn: W-where is your mother? (looking around the dusty old house)

Norman: (wide toothy grin) You’d like to know that so you can interview her too, hmm? Well, I won’t tell! (crosses his arms)

Autumn: Believe me, Norman, I do not wish to interview your mother.

Norman: (leans forward) Are you saying you don’t think she has interesting things to tell you? (looks Autumn up and down) I think my mother would like you very much. Let’s see if she wants to talk to you. (gets up and rushes up the stairs).

(Autumn stands at the bottom of the rickety stairs listening intently to a distant murmuring discussion. A door swings open and a female in a dull old housecoat and a crooked gray wig and a huge gleaming knife comes rushing down the stairs. Autumn flings open the door and runs down the hillside for her car as Norman with the wig fallen off, still wearing the dress and waving the knife chases alongside the car down the driveway).


  1. Did Norman ever use the hole in the wall as Glory Hole ?

  2. I'm curious, when did they let Norman out of the nuthouse?

  3. Jeez my little sister, you need to take someone with you next time. I don't think doing these interviews alone are a good idea. That Norman Bates is one nutty cookie!

  4. You know, Max, I don't think Normal swung that way, but you never know. He did like to dress in women's clothing....

    HalloweeNut, oh you know how our justice system is, he was out sooner than Paris Hilton on a cocaine bust.

    Yeah, I'm interviewing some real hardcore killers. What was I thinking?

  5. Norman definetly has issues.

  6. Echo;
    Yeah, it was the shortest interview ever. I got the feeling he didn't get visitors often.

  7. I can see how some interviews might not work, for example the creature from the Black Lagoon, or the mummy.

    Frankenstein might be interesting the doctor more than the monster.

    The Invisible Man, The Wolf Man before transformation, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde before and after transformation.

    Anybody remember Dr. Frank-N-Furter .... bwahahahaha

  8. Barry;
    I agree. You've named some good ones. I'm giving women equal opportunity too, Mrs. Voorhes and Carrie.

  9. Pretty cute interview. You captured the essence of the character. As for running off....Maybe he just wanted to give you a haircut.

  10. eileen wournoa, from the movie 'mncnster'/?

  11. I just saw Norman yesterday dumping a body into a car at Universal Studios. I wonder if that was before or after your interview. Glad it wasn't you though :o

  12. Halloween Blues;
    Oh my! Yes, that was probably after my interview. I did see a car pass me going towards the hotel as I was leaving. I hope it wasn't her!


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